• Students in elementary school setting have many changes they go through throughout their time here. It is a time that many of our little ones are leaving the comfort of their own home and parents for the first time.  Older students may begin to see their bodies change and may begin to experience their first stages of puberty.  Other students may be going through changes at home, may be new to the area, or just a change in their home dinamic. 

    All the changes may impact students and parents in different ways.  If you or a loved one is experiencing any difficulties or just looking for suggestions and assistance in general for social and/or emotional support, please check out the link below.  There are many great resources to have a look at, including links and videos to browse through.

    As always, if you have any concerns for your student that you wish to speak to your school nurse about, please do not hesitate to do so and we can help lead you in the right direction for the assistance you are seaking. 


    GCISD Social/Emotional Support and Resources: http://www.gcisd-k12.org/Page/644