• Nixon

    It is a pleasure to introduce to you, Nixon, our newest member of the CHHS counseling department.  Nixon and Mrs. Harris are a registered animal therapy team certified through Pet Partners.  Nixon has been trained to work as a therapy dog at CHHS, as well as nursing homes, hospitals, early childhood centers, and college campuses.  Nixon is a 10 year-old Boston Terrier that enjoys hugs, treats, going on walks, playing with his human sister, and fetching tennis balls.

    Animal Assisted Activities are based on the animal-human connection in which the presence of an animal in counseling significantly increases the impact of the counseling session.  Some of the benefits of having an animal to assist with students are:

    -        Lowers anxiety and stress levels

    -        Development of social and personal skills

    -        Development of calming strategies and coping skills

    -        Development of positive human-animal interaction  

    -        Stimulates a sense of community and compassion

    -        Decreases the sense of isolation and depression

    -        Encourages exercise 

    Click here to learn more about Nixon and benefits of Animal Assisted Activities or to opt out.