• Art Room Rules
    In the art room, our rules are based on the word "ART" so that they are easy to explain and remember.
     A- Aim for your best!
           Aim to do right!
    R- Respect yourself, your friends, and the teacher. 
         Respect the art room and all of the supplies. 
    T- Trust in yourself!
         Trust in your ability to learn! 
    1. Visual Reminder
    2. Thinking time at the REST STOP.
    3. Note home to parents and time on the "Think Track" at recess.
    4. Call Parents.  
    Class Reward System: 
    You will notice that in the art room, with the rules being posted, there are also the letters "ART" pinned to the white board. These serve as a warning system to let the classroom know when students are not following the rules/instructions for the day. During the class, the letters can be turned by the teacher when a rule has not been followed. If the students have letters left at the end of the class, they will get a smiley face on a chart. Once there are 20 smiley faces (based on how many times I see them), they will have a reward day.