• Second Grade Curriculum


    Humanities ( Reading, Language Arts and Social Studies) The Fundamentals of reading will be taught using quality children’s literature and poetry.  Mini lessons, shared reading and small literacy groups will be taught daily in a reading workshop model.

    Morning messages will be used to teach many language concepts such as capitalization, punctuation, grammar etc. The writing workshop model will be used to work on the foundations of writing. Students will be learning narrative writing, informational writing as well as letter writing and poetry. Spelling will be integrated with our reading/writing curriculum. We will focus on spelling patterns and high frequency words.


    Social Studies concepts will be incorporated into the reading/Language Arts block. Leadership is the overall theme of S.S. in 2nd grade. How leaders problem solve, impact the community, and the choices leaders have to make, are concepts that will be covered.

    Math: Math Workshop will be used to teach differentiated math lessons this year. Throughout the year, students will work on the following units: patterns, sorting and classifying, graphing, measurement, addition, subtraction, time, money, geometry, place value, problem solving, multiplication and division. Immediate recall of the basic addition and subtraction facts is very important and will make it easier for your child to master more difficult math concepts. Please work with your child using flashcards for 5-10 minutes each night.


    Science:Science units will involve many hands on investigations this year. Students will observe, measure, record and analyze data. Some of our units include matter, weather, rocks, ladybugs and magnets.