• "If a child can't learn the way we teach, we will teach the way he learns"
    Welcome to Ms. Robinson's Class
    Educational Background:  This is my eighteenth year as a teacher.  I have previously taught K-2 grade in Arkansas.  I hold my BSE in Early Childhood Education and my MSE as a Reading Specialist K-12.  I am certified both in Arkansas and in Texas.
    A little about me:  I recently moved to the Lone Star State and I am loving everything about being here.  I grew up in Arkansas and have lived there my entire life.  I have  a daughter who is 19 and a sophmore at the University of Arkansas majoring in nursing.  I also have a son who is 18 and finishing up his senior year in HS while taking online college classes in business. I love to travel, photography, being outdoors, and doing extreme sports.  I eat out a lot because cooking isn't one of my specialties.  I love teaching especially reading and seeing students "unlock what's keeping them from learning."  Watching students learn their talents and feel proud of their effort is one goal I have for myself and for my students.  I always want my students to feel like my class is their class and they are loved and respected.
    Our Class:  All methods used in my room are research-based.  We use a multi-sensory approach to learning which means we learn through all our senses, not just the typical visual and auditiory.  Some of the components of our class include: manipulation of sounds, blending and unblending of words, word recognition, fluency, and comprehension.  Our class is mostly direct instruction and moves at a very structured pace.  I will never ask your student to do something that I have not taught them to do first.