• "How to help my child be successful in P.E."
    #1. To wear tennis shoes every day.  (Help them learn to tie and double knot their laces.)
    #2. If they wear a dress or skirt, please wear shorts, leggings or pants underneath.  
    #3. Eat a healthy breakfast each day and a well balanced diet.
    #4. Drink water often and choose water over sugary drinks most of the time.
    #5. Be safe while in the gym and outside play, so as to reduce injuries to themselves and others.
    #6. Participate each day, but if there is a serious injury or valid reason for which they cannot participate in P.E., please send them with a note explaining their situation.  (If the injury requires them to miss more than 3 classes, a doctor's note is required per GCISD District Policy.  A doctor's release is also required to allow them to return to P.E.)