• Lara, Bree My name is Bree Lara, I will soon be assisting Coach Basil as the new PE para! I grew up in the area, being a part of Grapevine High and Dove Elementary as a child. As a teen, I volunteered at the Children's Medical Center of Dallas for two years and recently, I have worked for schools over a five year period. I truly enjoy the wonderful time and interactions I get to have helping children learn and grow! I want to help students build on their strengths in the PE world!
    My family is ecstatic that I will be joining the GES family soon! I have a husband who I have been with for over 11 years, a returning 4th grader, 3rd grader, and newly registered kindergartener!
    Personally, I enjoy being active with my family. My children are in gymnastics and baseball in which I absolutely love watching! I have been a baker for the past 13 years, and try to bake for others when I get a chance!
    I am honored to have this opportunity in joining the GES family! I will put forth my best efforts and support every step of the way... Please stop by to meet me soon!