• Homework

    Take Home Readers

    When the children begin Reading Workshop in class, there will be one or more take-home readers for them to read each day (beginning in October). Please have your child read these books to you each evening. It is imperative that the children build their reading stamina, with a goal of 10 minutes of reading daily. Additionally, have your child practice counting orally to 100.  Students should also practice making sets of numbers up to 30 with objects (ex: create a set of 18 pieces of cereal). Be sure to check the newsletter & email for any additional assignments.

    Please remind your child to "always start their letters at the top" when they are writing!  Also, encourage your child to use upper & lower case letters where appropriate.  Please note:  upper case letters are used only at the beginning of sentences and proper nouns.  If a child uses upper case letters inappropriately, it is a very difficult to break this habit.