• At Bransford Elementary we present the students with a variety of challenging and stimulating activities throughout the year. The physical education program helps create enjoyable, success oriented experiences that reach every child. Special attention is given to social interaction and the improvement of self-concepts, cooperation and sportsmanship; fitness and skill development; and acquisition of basic fundamentals through conceptual learning. Our number one priority if your child’s safety.

    The physical education curriculum provides a comprehensive, continual program from Kindergarten to 5th Grade. It is based on sound educational principles, research in motor learning, exercise physiology and teaching methodology and meets the requirements of the TX State Learning Standards.

    Our primary objectives are:

    ·      To foster in children a love of physical activity and play

    ·      To instill a need for physical fitness in each child

    ·      To develop coordination and control

    ·      To provide opportunities for increased responsibility in planning, organizing and leadership

    ·      To give children a wide range of skill and game experiences

    ·      To present opportunities for children to belong to a group in which each child is accepted

    ·      To provide experiences that develop initiate, self-reliance, self-worth, honesty, kindness to others and a love of learning

    ·      To develop a sense of fair play and cooperation in children, as well as, the ability to work in groups

    ·      To provide opportunities for the integration of physical education with other subject areas: language arts, math, social studies, science, health, music and art

    Interaction of the 4 F’s: Fun, Fitness, and Friendship through the Fundamentals of physical education stimulate children to want to participate in physical activities, not only during their school years, but for the rest of their lives. Your reinforcement of you physical education program at home will make a positive difference. Thank you for your interest in your child’s physical education program.

    Help your child take care of their body… it is the only one they will get!