• It is best if you use different colors of note cards (one color for each time period)

    Pre-Classical- White


    Post Classical-Blue

    Early Modern-Salmon

    Modern -Green



    Front (unlined side)

    Write the event  and the date

    Define the event 


    Back of card (Lined side)

    Contextualization:  How does this particular event represent the general theme or context of the time period.

    (Early Modern = Global Interaction) 


    Save Space for part 2 (to be completed at the end of the year before the AP Exam) 




    Front of Card: 


    Battle of Lepanto



    The Battle of Lepanto was a joint effort with the Venetian merchants and the Spanish navy that defeated the Ottoman navy in the Mediterranean Sea.


    Back of the Card: 

    Contextualization:  The Battle of Lepanto represents the Early Modern Period because of the competition over trade routes, state rivalries, and local resistance.


    Save Space for par 2