• Early Childhood Development Center 


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    Tuition can be paid on a ten or twelve month plan.  Parents can pay by credit card or sign up for Tuition Express.  Tuition Express will automatically debit your checking/savings account or charge your credit card.
    Classroom Ratios
    The classrooms maintain ratios set by NAEYC.  These are lower than the standards set by Child Care Licensing. 
    Room Ratio
    Young Infants 1:4 Ratio
    Older Infants 1:4 Ratio
    Pre Toddlers 1:4 Ratio
    Toddlers 1:5 Ratio
    Two Year Olds 1:7 Ratio
    Early Preschool 1:7 Ratio
    Preschool 1:10 Ratio
    Pre PK 1:12 Ratio
    PreK 1:12 Ratio

    Year Round Care Available
    The Center is committed to providing year round care for employee children.  During the summer the GCISD Early Childhood Development Center will offer additional programs that can be contracted on a week to week basis.  All employee children are eligible for summer care.  The Infant, Toddler, and Two Year Old classrooms will be restricted to employee dependents.  Although in order to be cost effective during the summer break, the Center will enroll children from the community for weekly themed Preschool Summer Enrichment Camps.  Parents are asked to sign up for the weeks that care is needed so staffing can be arranged. 

    Forms Available For Download