• Students Will Learn:
    • Demonstrate the principles of group participation and leadership related to citizenship and career preparation.
    • Apply the competencies related to resources, information, systems, and technology in appropriate settings and situations.
    • Demonstrate knowlege of the concepts and skills related to health and safety in the workplace, as specified by appropriate government regulations.
    • Successfully complete repair orders and related paperwork.
    • Estimate parts and labor costs on repair orders.
    • Read and interpret schematics, charts, diagrams, graphs, parts catalogs, and service repair manuals and bulletins.
    Students Are Expected To:
    • Safely use hand and power tools and equipment commonly employed in the maintenance and repair of vehicles.
    • Properly handle and dispose of humanly and/or environmentally hazardous materials used in maintaining and servicing vehicles.
    • Demonstrate knowlege of new and emerging automotive technologies.
    • Order, stock, and locate automotive parts.
    • Analyze damages and remove, repair, and replace automotive engine components.
    • Service and repair automotive propulsion systems.
    • Test, diagnose, service, and repair damaged automotive air-conditioning and heating systems.
Last Modified on August 23, 2012