English Rocks!
 Here we are in the Second Six Weeks, and we have almost made it to the finish line with our PSAT prep.  It is important for you to continue to pace yourself and maintain focus--two key strategies that separate the good from the great.
   I have seen many of you show real and tangible increases in your practice tests, and those are a direct result of the strong effort you have put in.  Over the next 10 days, keep in mind that there are real financial gains for people that do well on this test, whether they attain National Merit status or Commended.  Additionally,  all of this work will directly carry over to the SAT and ACT, two tests which you should also be preparing for continuously this year.
   We are also about to wrap up In Cold Blood over the next three weeks.  While you may be finished with the reading by Oct. 16, we will still be using the text to work on AP analysis and writing skills.
Also, keep pushing yourself to study more words on Membean.  A strong vocabulary will help you in so many ways in life--not just during your junior year.
   And don't forget the GCISD book Challenge!  Keep reading those books.  I would like to see each student in 11th grade attain this goal. 
And I leave you on a literary note with an autumnal haiku:
Tree Silhouette-- 
shimmering tree
there’s no footsteps around       
but fallen leaves 
afternoon twilight
heaven is listening
peaceful lonesomeness
Autumn waits 
wind blows the mind   
leaves falling softly
Last Modified on October 5, 2014
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