Hey, Trang Gang,
We have gotten a good start to the annotated bibliography and the research paper. While we are spending quite a bit of class time working on this, many of you will still need to do some work on it at home.  So while it may not say that you have homework while we are working on the reseach projects, understand that I expect you to manage your time accordingly.  If you need to work on it at home to meet the due dates, do so.
Please keep in mind the following due dates:
Annotated Bibliography:
A day--March 31
B day-- April 1
 Print a copy of this and turn in with your RAVEN sheets.
Three daily grades will be given for the RAVEN /Argument Analysis sheets
By Wednesday, March 23 (B day), 
individuals must have 4 completed, pairs must have 5 completed and trios must have 6 completed. 
By Thursday, March 24 (A Day),
individuals must have 6 completed, pairs must have 8 completed and trios must have 9 completed. 
 Research Paper:
A day:  April 6
B day:  April 7 
 This you will turn in electronically on Google Classroom.
You will need a copy of Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer by April 8 (A)  or April 11 (B). 
Last Modified on March 21, 2016
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