English Rocks!
Six weeks into the semester, and academics are rolling in Room 602!
Please keep up with reading In Cold Blood.  We will be in Part III by next week.  Be a group member, and keep up with your share of work in the collaborative annotation assignments.  Also, some of you are doing fantastic work with Membean.  Now is the time to put in as many words as you can as the PSAT test gets closer.
The PSAT is coming up soon, and you all have worked very hard to do well on this test.   Be sure to get a good night's rest before the test, stay hydrated, and eat a  protein-rich breakfast so your brain and body will function at their best!
I am proud of all the hard work you are already putting in.  You are learning not only new academic skills and content, but also how to manage your time and tasks, which is huge for college success! 
Here is  some quick link to the class info sheet:
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