Disclaimer:  It's above my pay grade to figure why my video leads into a U.S. Marine recruitment video.

" target="_parent">https://  I am Dianna Trang, your illustrious AP Language and Composition teacher.  I have been teaching since the Reagan Administration (you do the math), and after all these years, I still love working with the kids.  I grew up in Germany, when it was still West Germany, and I am completely bilingual in German and English.  I attended the University of Colorado for my B.A. and Texas A&M for my master's.  I have 24 hours towards a Ph.D. at the University of North Texas.

 I have been married to Jeff, a test pilot, for 29 years.  He served in the Army for 21 of those years, and we lived in many states before we settled in Texas after his retirement.  We have two children:  Allen (27) who is a market analyst for Airbus Helicopters,  and Amy (26) who is a marine biologist and works at the Houston Zoo.
 A little bit about me: I love animals--I am completely mental about them, really--and have rescued quite a few dogs and cats. I love to be active,  hiking, biking, running 5km or 10 km races, or sometimes yoga; I also love to read, cook, bake, eat, do jigsaw puzzles, talk about books, spend time with my family and my critters, relearn French, go to movies, and just lots of other things.  I like to continuously challenge myself and learn new things.  This year I ran my first half marathon and got my motorcycle license.  
I love elephants, by the way.  If I weren't a teacher, I would be a Formula I race car driver elephant caretaker. 
 This is my eleventh year at Grapevine, and my 10th year teaching AP Language and Composition.  I am looking forward to another awesome year!
 Two of our pets:
 This is Nikki.  So cute!Nikki
Dexter  Dexter-- a stray from Galveston.
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