•  Answers to Top 25 Questions About CHHS 

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     1. What are the school colors?
       Red and Black

     2. What is the school mascot?
      Panthers! Be sure and see "Pride" in the front hall! Additionally, we have two "live" mascots that you will see at pep rallies, games, and special functions. Their names are "Buster" and "Babs."


    Is there a school motto?

    "A Community of Excellence"  We opened CHHS under the motto of "The Traditions Begin." We are now over fifteen years old and have created traditions that have made us excellent!  These traditions have provided a foundation of excellence which ensure that Colleyville Heritage is on solid bedrock to serve this community for decades to come.



    How large is the school?

    When the school opened in 1996, the enrollment was 1,350.  We now serve over 2,000 ninth through twelfth grade students. 



    What are the school hours?

    School starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m. 



    Can I leave the school to go elsewhere for lunch?

    No. The school uses a "closed" lunch system which means all students are expected to be in the "Panther Den" (cafeteria) during their lunch period. Food is not to be consumed elsewhere in the school. The cafeteria provides a wide variety of choices to meet different tastes. The cost of a student lunch is $2.30 and many items may be purchased a la carte. If you wish to prepay for your meals online with a credit card, you can do so by clicking here. This may take 48 hours to process.



    What do I do if I have to be absent from school?

    Please have your parent or guardian call the attendance office on the morning of the absence. 

    If your parent or guardian has not called the school, you must report to the Attendance Office between 8:00 and 8:30am to clear the absence. You will need to present the attendance clerk with a note stating the reason for the absence, the date you were absent, your name, and the signature of your parent or guardian. More detailed information regarding attendance is contained in the Student Parent Handbook. 


    What do I do if I am late to class?

    At Colleyville Heritage we value each moment of instructional time.  We expect you to be in class on time with all necessary materials ready to learn. Typical consequences for tardies include a warning the first time, a teacher assigned detention the second time, and an office referral for a two hour detention the third time.  After three tardies, the assistant principal will meet with the student for more serious consequences.



    What do I do if I have to leave school during the school day?

    If you must leave campus during the school day, you must present a note from your parent to receive an early dismissal pass and sign out in the attendance office before leaving campus. If you do not sign out, you are considered truant. A note from your parent is required.



    How long do I have to make up work I missed because I was absent from class?

    Make-up work must be completed in a reasonable amount of time,  Check with your teachers for their expectations, but typically teachers expect the work the day after you return.  This can be adjusted for extenuating circumstances.   



    How do I qualify for bus transportation and where do I meet the bus?

    To qualify for free bus transportation you must live more than two miles from the school. Bus schedules are available in the office, posted outside the attendance office and available online. You will meet the bus in the bus loading zone located on the south side of the campus between K and L halls. 



    If I am taking physical education what do I wear?

    Students are expected to wear a T shirt, shorts, socks, and athletic shoes. The T shirts are standard issue and can be purchased from the physical education instructor. Students may also wear their own shorts, socks, and athletic shoes instead.



    Is there a place where I could leave personal belongings during the day?

    Yes. Students may request a locker from the front office at any time during the year. For security reasons you must not share the combination with anyone.



    What should I do if I become ill during the school day?

    Go to the teacher you have that period and they will give you a pass to go to the nurse's office. Go directly to the nurse's office. Do not leave school without the permission of the nurse and checking out in the Attendance Office.



    How can I see my counselor?

    Fill out a "Request to See a Counselor" form from the Counseling Center during a passing period or use the computer in the Counseling Office to check in and sign up for a time. Fill it out and leave it with the Counseling Secretary. Do tell the secretary if it is an emergency. Your counselor will send for you as soon as possible.



    How can I see an administrator?

    You will find that the school principal and the assistant principals are very "visible":  in the classroom, in the halls, in the Panther Den, and attending school activities. You are encouraged to introduce yourself at any time.  Please do not hesitate to approach them and ask a question. If you prefer a more private conversation, please schedule an appointment with their administrative assistants in the front office.   Such appointments are considered a priority by the administrators.



    What are the "rules and regulations" of the school?

    A complete list of rules and regulations can be found in the Student Code of Conduct which is adopted by the Board of Trustees and governs the behavior of all students in the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District. It is a document both you and your parents should review. You will find the rules and regulations to be guidelines that are designed for your safety and welfare. To help you immediately, the major rule you should follow is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." If each Panther will use this rule before we speak or before we act, Colleyville Heritage will truly be the outstanding school we want it to be.



    How can I get involved in school activities to include athletics and the visual and performing arts programs?

    If a student is to get a total high school education, he or she must be involved in the classroom and in the activities programs. Each student is encouraged to become involved in at least one extra curricular activity. Through participation in school activities students can learn skills that will help in all facets of life while creating lifelong memories. Interested students should contact the coach or sponsor directly to find out how to become involved. Students should also listen to the daily announcements or visit the website for information about school activities.



    When are report cards issued?

    Grades can be access through Skyward.



    Are parents welcome?

    Absolutely! At Colleyville Heritage parental involvement is viewed as one of the key ingredients to creating our outstanding school. We feature a very active Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA). The Athletic Booster Club, as well as the booster clubs for individual sports, is committed to supporting student athletes and their coaches. There are also a variety of other booster clubs which support specialized activities such as advanced placement academics, cheerleading, drill team, band, theater and choir, to name a few examples. Be sure and join the PTSA as they support the whole school!  If you have a son or daughter involved in any athletic team or activity, learn about the booster club and become involved. By doing so, you will support the school and ,most importantly, send a powerful message to your son or daughter.



    Do I need a physical examination?

    If you are going to compete in competitive athletics or activities you will need a physical exam conducted by a licensed physician. You can get the necessary form from the athletic trainers.



    How is academic achievement recognized?

    Instructional time and academic achievement are valued at Colleyville Heritage High School. Academic achievement is recognized in a variety of ways to include: Academic Letters, A Honor Roll, A-B Honor Roll, Principal's Merit Award, Principal's Scholar Award, Texas Scholars, Departmental Awards, President's Academic Excellence Award, UIL Scholar Awards, Tandy Scholar Awards, National Merit Commended, Semi-Finalist, and Finalist Awards, and a variety of awards and scholarships presented by various school and community organizations. Separate Honors and Awards assemblies are held for underclassmen and seniors in the spring of the year.



    How do I get a parking pass and student identification card?

    Parking passes and student identification cards can be purchased during schedule pick up in August. The cost is $50.00 per semester and can be purchased in the office. A license plate number must be provided to get a parking permit. You can see the front office for more information.



    How do I get a transcript?

    Fill out a transcript request form in the Counseling Center at least 24 hours prior to needing the transcript. You need to be 18 years of age or have your parent or guardian sign the request form.