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Class of 2017:  Community Scholar Ambassador/Community Service Ambassador

CSAP Cords for graduation are scheduled to be sold through the counseling office during the same time frame as senior checkout. Counselors are verifying academic requirements for the program during the first half of May.  The Panther Pause will have a link to the final list of Community Scholars and Ambassadors, and information regarding cord purchase once the academic requirements for the program are verified. No cords will be sold until academic requirements for the program are verified. 
The GCISD Community Scholar Ambassadors Program encourages students to take a challenging curriculum, as defined in the GCISD Program of Studies-Grades 9-12, and to perform 100 hours of approved community service while maintaining a 70 or higher average in each course.  Students successfully meeting this criteria will be locally and recognized as a GCISD Community Scholar Ambassador, upon graduation from high school. 

Requirements: All requirements of the Recommended Program plus:

  • Third year of same foreign language
  • One additional math or science (4 credits of math and science)
  • 100 hours of community service
  • 70 or higher semester average in every course taken

Students who have successfully completed the 100 hours of community service, but have not met the academic requirements for the CHHS Community Scholar Ambassador will be recognized as a  CHHS Community Service Ambassador. 

Class of 2018 and beyond: Community Service Ambassador
The Community Service Ambassador Program is designed to encourage all 9th - 12th grade students to serve their community by preforming at least 100 hours of approved community service.  Students meeting this requirement will be recognized locally as Community Service Ambassadors, upon graduation, and will have the opportunity to purchase a cord for their robes.   
Letterjackets - 
Student who volunteer 40 hours/year for two consecutive years will earn a school letter jacket and/or Community Service Ambassador Patch.  Students will be notified via letter or email with details on purchasing the letter jacket and/or patch. 

Community Scholar Ambassadors is not a service in the counseling office.  

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Want to know your hours?  Contact Ms. Buttell at the front desk

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