Bonjour mes élèves.
    French 1 is a beginning language class. You will be exposed to many new vocabulary words, new grammar and culture. You will be expected to study outside of the classroom every day. Your success in French depends on your commitment to learning. You will be expected to build a strong foundation in French on which to build in future levels.
    Please e-mail me anytime with questions, suggestions or comments.

    To access the online book: Clever.com, login with Active drive, login as a student
    Username Hint:
    Your GCISD user name (without the @gcisd.net)
    Password Hint:
    Your GCISD password
    choose Vista and the D'accord Level 1 book (red). Go to Content and from the drop down, choose VText.
    Google classroom code: hg1mi98           Remind code: @61a88
     Important Language Lab Information Language Lab
    TEST 12/4 days of the week, months, seasons weather days - weather
    TEST - 11/7/17 -er verbs, questions, adverbs
    Possessive adjectives possessive adjectives
    ER verbs - conjugate -er verbs = take off the er, add e for je, es for tu, for il/elle, ons for nous, ez for vous, ent for ils/elles 
                                     EXCEPTION: verbs ending in ger in the nous forms keep the e (nous mangeons)     
    TEST 10/4 See all previous posts Test is over everything so far.
     C'est vs il est C'est vs. Il est/Elle est
    Quiz - 9/29 avoir   use avoir with age: Il a 15 ans
    Quiz 9/22/17  Etre
    Quiz 9/15/17 - La famille
    Vocabulary from 9/14/17 vocab
    Family family vocabulary , family tree family tree family tree
    adjectives adjectives
    Quiz - 9/7 numbers
    -- Additional numbers numbers 1-79 
    Additional vocabulary please and thank you
    Greeting words Greeting words 
    Number poem:   poem     audio
    Numbers 1-20  numbers 
    Alphabet  pronunciation    audio
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