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    choose Vista and the D'accord Level 2 book (ORANGE). Go to Content and from the drop down, choose VText.

    google classroom 2nd periodholm9cj  Remind: @0ad5fe (zero) 3rd period: tux0iyk (zero)  Remind: @2fhfek
     Important Language Lab Information language lab
    Passé composé with être House of être
    Passé composé passé composé
    TEST - 10/19/17 - regular verbs practice for test
    Quiz - Chapters 4-5 Le Monstre dans le Métro.
    LMDLM Ch 5 Study guide
    LMDLM Ch 4 Study guide
    Quiz 9/13/17 Chapter 3 Le Monstre dans le Métro
    LMDLM Ch 3 Ch 3 study guide
    LMDLM Ch Study guide LMDLM ch 2 study guide
    LMDLM Ch 2 vocab LMDLM vocab
    Anyone interested in running for an officer position for French Club must sent me a paragraph explaining why they want to and how that will benefit the French Clu. All paragraphs are due by 4:00 today 9/1/17.
    Homework due 9/5/17 Read Chapter 2 and complete questions A - E.
    Quiz Chapter 1 8/31/17 study guide 
    Read Chapter 1 of Le Monster dans le Metro (google classroom), answer questions, and study vocabulary.
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