• GCISD has received reports that students are being contacted to purchase parent appreciation plaques. To our knowledge this is not a program or fund-raiser for any GCISD school, nor are these companies listed as vendors, Corporate Sponsors or in any way affiliated with the District. While these types of private solicitations may be allowed through state and/or federal laws, it is a good practice to verify all information about a company before agreeing to purchase anything over the phone.

    Student privacy is a top priority in GCISD and we work diligently within the requirements of the law to maintain the confidentiality of student information. Under state and federal statutes, certain information about students is considered public directory information and must be released to anyone who follows the procedures for requesting the information. Student directory information includes home addresses and phone numbers. School districts and other public entities are also not allowed to ask a requestor their intended use of the information. However, parents or guardians may notify the District in writing if they do not want information about their student(s) released to third-party requestors. In GCISD, this is done at the beginning of each school year through the Notice of Disclosure of Student Directory Information form located in the front of the Student-Parent Handbook.  Parents may update this form with the campus at any time during the school year; the form is available on the GCISD website under the For Parents and Students link.

    On this form, parents/guardians have three options:
    1. Consent to the release of directory information for all purposes.
    2. Consent to the release of directory information for limited school-sponsored purposes. This would allow information about students to appear in school-related publications such as student yearbooks, programs for fine arts performances and District newsletters. It would not provide for the release of information to third-party requestors.
    3. Object to the release of directory information for all purposes. This would prevent information from being released to both third-party requestors and for use in school-related publications.
    We understand how a situation such as this may be of concern, and want to assure you that maintaining the confidentiality of student information as provided by law is of utmost concern at our schools and in GCISD. If you have questions about the Notice of Disclosure form, please contact the principal or assistant principals at your campus for clarification.
Last Modified on December 14, 2009