Here at Cross Timbers, we have been working hard to ensure that all students experience a school environment free from bullying.  We have trained our students and faculty to recognize and intervene in bullying situations, we have created a centralized bullying log to track bullying interventions, and we have created policies and procedures to address bullying situations in a proactive way throughout the school year.

Parents can access information on bullying here:   bullying

Topics in the presentation include:
1.      What bullying looks like and the five types
2.      The effects of bullying on the target
3.      What students can do if they are being bullied
4.      What students can do if they see someone bullying others
5.      What to do if they are bullying other students
6.      Who students can talk to about bullying

TAKE A STAND Anti-bullying Initiative:

Cross Timbers Middle School was recently featured in a news report for our anti-bullying campaign:  "Take A Stand."  Our initiative involves training teachers along with student leaders to recognize and deal with bullying. 

To view the news report, click on the following link:


One of the components of the “Take A Stand” initiative is for PALS and Student Council members to train our student body on how to recognize and how to respond to bullying here at our school.


      Another component of our “Take A Stand” initiative is to offer students an anonymous way to report bullying.  Students will learn today that if they aren’t comfortable reporting bullying to school personnel or if they fear retaliation, they can go online to the Cross Timbers Counseling webpage and complete an “Anonymous Bullying Report.”  Students will give information about the bullying incident, but will not be asked to give their names or any information that would identify them as a reporter.  Each report will be taken seriously and will be investigated by school personnel.


      In keeping with the Credo of the Wolf, our goal is to provide a safe, bully-free environment for all of our wolves.  Through our “Take A Stand” events planned throughout the school year, we hope to make Cross Timbers a place of respect and tolerance, one where bullying among wolves is not accepted.


Bullying Awareness for Parents

7 Steps to Stop Bullying Now

Download and read this ebook "7 Steps to Stop Bullying Now" by teen life strategist Brooks Gibbs for ways to evaluate and respond to your child being bullied:
7 Steps to Stop Bullying Now

Helpful websites for Parents:  Explains cyberbullying, how to prevent it, and how to take action  Everything parents need to know to keep their child safe online  Includes a resource section for parents  Research and Resources from the Cyberbullying Research Center  Includes a bullying summary specifically for parents  Ten actions all parents can take to eliminate bullying

48 Hours did a great segment on Bullying:
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