• About the Library

    The CTMS Library contains over 10,000 books!!!  

    The fiction titles are arranged by the following genres:
    • Historical fiction
    • Mystery
    • Chick Lit
    • Sports fiction
    • Adventure
    • Science fiction
    • Realistic fiction
    • Fantasy
    • Horror/suspense
    • Graphic novel
    • Story Collections
    We also have a large collection of non-fiction, biography, audio and electronic books.
    Parents: On some of our books, you may see a yellow "8" sticker. These are books bought with 8th graders in mind, but can be checked out to any student. Please be aware these books have content that is more mature in one of three ways: violence, language, or sexuality. If you do NOT want your child reading this you can let me know and I will add a note to their file and you can let them know you don't want them checking them out.
    Audio books can be found using the free Destiny Discover app, or straight from the library catalog. The username and passwords for this app will be the same as those used to log in to a school computer.
    Ebooks can be located using the free MackinVia app or the MackinVia website. The username will be your fill ID number and the password will be the same one use to log in to a school computer.