8th Grade parents:  The powerpoint from Jan 18th presentation is posted in 8th Grade 4 Year Planning Folder.  We have also posted the Course Selection Sheet.
    Jan 16th: 8th Grade Counselor Panel 
    Great information about high school
    Question and answer time at the end.
    Jan 18th: 8th Grade Guidance with High School Counselors
    This meeting will happen throughout the school day during a specific class
    Applications for Collegiate Academy 
    Available starting today Nov 1st.  
    Applications Due Jan 24th.
    Applications are online or in GMS' front office
    (See the Collegiate Academy tab on the right side for link to applications)
     The GMS counselors work as team members with families, faculty members and community mentors to help students progress toward education, economic and post-secondary educational opportunities. GMS works toward creating an opening to academic success, including productive and responsible citizenship. The counselors offer assistance and encouragement as adolescents mature academically, socially and physically. Counselors are available to help students understand their abilities, to identify interests, and to set goals. Parents are invited to make appointments. In addition to counseling services, the Counseling Office operates as a referral center, a planning and coordinating center, and an information resource for students, parents, faculty, staff and the community.
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