4th Grade
Bransford Elementary
Fourth Grade Philosophy

The Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District provides integrated learning experiences which contribute to the student's base for future learning.  Additional opportunities to develop mentally, physically, socially and emotionally at his or her own rate are provided for each student.


Bransford Elementary has adopted a school wide behavior expectations rubric that has been in place since the 2012-2013 school year. This rubric is designed to help the students understand some basic standardized behavioral expectations. Please take a moment to review the rubric so that you will be able to discuss it with your student(s).



Susan Eccleston
Al KaufmannBrittany Chapman
 Connie Singletary


4th Grade Schedules
Lunch: 12:10 - 12:40
Recess: 12:40 - 1:10
Specials: 8:50 - 9:40
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