• Technology at GES
    Grapevine Elementary is proud to be a part of GCISD's larger Lead 2021 initiative which aims to transform the education process to be more individualized and personal. Our technology department is focused on preparing students for success in the technology driven future that awaits them. Our classroom technology programs have helped bring an amazing amount of learning avenues which help our students grow and our faculty better teach our students. 
    In Class Devices 
    • GES provides each student with a personal ipad allowing students to easily collaborate with each other, receive feedback from teachers, and submit assignments in the classroom or from home.
    • A set of macbook airs is also provided to each classroom to aid in larger scale, more typing intensive projects. 
    • Interactive projectors mounted in each classroom and learning space allow teachers to display learning information from books, personal devices, or online resources.
    • In class printers allow teachers to provide physical copies of assignments on demand. 
    Library and Labs
    •  The GES Library operates on an open door policy with electronic id and check out systems allowing students easy access to learning and recreational reading resources. 
    • The Library also provides a set of 20 macbook airs for students to use for research and word processing.
    • Our primary computer lab includes 28 dell desktop workstations for use in large scale class projects and class wide  learning solutions.
    • Our secondary computer lab includes 26 macbook pro workstations allowing students to diversify their understanding of modern devices and software.
    Student Software Resources
    • Google Classroom integration allows for an unprecedented ease of collaboration between students and teachers.
    • Google Drive allows students to maintain electronic portfolio of their work, which students can carry forward into future. Giving students a vertical slice of their best work from throughout their academic lives.
    • Guided access to the Apple Appstore allow teachers and students to utilize the latest in cutting edge learning tools in the classroom with ease.
    • Minecraftedu is provides students with a visual learning space for creative expression and a digital space for teachers to create and share virtual lessons that integrates visual and tactile learning.