• Rachel's Rally Pledge
    We are here to celebrate and honor a brave and courageous young girl named Rachel Scott!! 

    Because of Rachel’s vision of kindness and love, we are here today standing united as one body.

    At O.C.Taylor we strive to be what Rachel wanted us all to be – kind and compassionate to everyone.

    There are times we have all felt left out or lonely. The pain and sadness can leave us feeling empty inside.

    All of us have either been the victim of bullying or seen others being bullied.

    It can happen with a physical push and shove or a verbal word that can pierce the heart.

    We say – NO MORE BULLYING!! We at O.C.Taylor will be a NO BULLYING school!

    As students and teachers, we must stand up for each other and protect our rights to feel safe.

    Kindness and compassion towards each other needs to be our motto and something we show throughout our lives.

    Standing here before you is O.C.Taylor’s TTT Student Council.  We represent our school and what we Tigers believe!

    And what we believe is that our school, the students and teachers, care for each other and stand up for each other at all times.

    If someone looks lonely, talk to them, ask them to join in with whatever you are doing.

    If someone is being bullied, take a stand, tell an adult, and put a stop to being put down.

    If you see someone needing help, be the one who lends a hand.

    Be responsible for your own actions and words. Think before you speak and act.

    Be a leader.  Show the world that you are strong and caring.  Make a difference!

    What we are doing here today is telling the world that Rachel had a message that we will carry it out.

    We will continue our chain reaction of kindness and compassion towards others throughout our school and in our community.

    We at O.C.Taylor will show the world that people are important and we will reach out to those in need.

    Everyone, take a stand. Stand up together now and grab the hand of the person next to you.

    Reach out and make a chain of kindness and compassion throughout this cafeteria.