Welcome to the Homepage of Dr. Linda Lancaster
    Bridges Social Studies Teacher

    EMAIL ADDRESS:    Linda.Lancaster@gcisd.net

    PHONE: 817-251-5474

    CONFERENCE TIME:   3:00-3:45pm

    POSITION -- Social Studies Teacher:  U.S. History, W. History, Geography, Sociology, and Psychology


                                   Sociology  Texas A&M University  1984
    M.S.                               Sociology  U. of North Texas  1996
    PhD.                              Sociology  TWU  2016

    EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY: Teachers provide guidance and encouragement for all students. Learning should go beyond just the content taught in the classroom. The educational process for all students should include high expectations in regards to respectful behavior, personal pride, civic responsibility, volunteerism, motivation, and responsibility for one’s own actions.

    PERSONAL STATEMENT: My teaching experience includes 28 years at the secondary level. In addition to classroom instruction, my position at Bridges Learning Center allows me to be involved with topics such as dropout prevention, career/college preparation, global technology, cultural diversity, learning styles, drug and gang awareness, community participation, voter registration, and goal setting. It has been extremely rewarding to see students achieve personal success and walk across the graduation stage! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Last Modified on August 16, 2017