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    Lowest ranking GPA for each quartile:


    Class of 2017
    Quartile 1: 4.77941
    Quartile 2: 3.99143
    Quartile 3: 3.22222

    Class of 2018
    Quartile 1: 4.49091
    Quartile 2: 3.98261
    Quartile 3: 3.35267

    Class of 2019
    Quartile 1: 4.46250
    Quartile 2: 3.86667
    Quartile 3: 3.15000

    Class of 2020
    Quartile 1: 4.48000
    Quartile 2: 4.04000
    Quartile 3: 3.08000


    UPDATED 02/01/17


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  • Top 10% GPA Cutoffs*

    Class of 2017: 5.20323
    Class of 2018: 4.93571


    * - Updated 02/01/17

    For Class of 2017 and Class of 2018, class rank (for the top ten percent) shall be reported on a Certification of Class Rank for at the end of the spring semester with the reporting of final grades. As a reminder, we do not rank students outside of the top ten percent.


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