• Circulation Guidelines
    Our library's goal is to create a community of readers.  All books are circulated for a two week period, but the students are encouraged to finish the book before returning it, even if it means keeping the book past the due date.
    Our focus is on the student... developing a love over reading is important!  For this reason, the library does not charge "overdue" fines.
                                                                     Kindergarten:    One book
                                                                               Grade 1:   Two books
                                                                               Grade 2:   Two books
                                                                               Grade 3:   Three books
                                                                               Grade 4:   Four book
                                                                               Grade 5:   Four books
    Students in grades 3, 4, and 5 may also check-out audio books (playaways).  Students will need to provide their own ear buds or headphones to listen to the book.
    Lost Materials: 
    Books always find a way of returning to our library... even when you least suspect it.  However, if a book is lost forever, we might ask your student to pay for the lost item or replace it.  Refunds for lost materials that are later found will be made if the item is in good condition and is returned within the school year in which it was lost.   
    Damaged Materials:
    Any student checking out materials from the school library is responsible for the care of these items; however, our focus is on the reader, and we realize that accidents happen (water bottles in backpacks, books left on the playground, etc).
    Part of our program is helping students learn how to admit mistakes without fear of being denied library materials. Therefore, if a book is damaged, the student will be asked to work off the price of the book in the library. 
    Talk to Us:
    We love communication!  If something happens with a library book, please email Mrs. Wahpekeche to let her know what is going on!  She will do everything she can to help your child become an effective user of the library, and a book lover, too!