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Listed below are print and database sources you can use to

explore & answer your research topics on Biomes.

Each book is listed by title and call number (number on bottom of spine of book).

Use the alphabetically arranged index at the back of each book for a

quick look up of the section/specific word that pertains to your research.


General Biome Sources

REF 577.8 UXL


574 MAR

574 MAR

574 ATT

574.5 ECO

550.22 EAR

550.22 EAR

333.7 CAL



508 .315 DES

574 MAR

574.5 MAC

574.5 SAY

577.54 ALL

577.54 ALL

577.54 ALL

577.54 ALL

577.54 ALL

577.54 MUD

577.54 QUI

577.54 WAR



577 WOO (plates & tables)

577.4 ALL

577.4 RIC

577.4 STI

577.4 WAR

577.4 WOO



333.75 TES

574.5 WHI

577.3 ALL

577.3 ALL Rev. Ed.

577.3 ALL

577.3 FIE

577.3 FOR

577.3 KUE

577.3 MAR

577.3 SAY

577.82 TES

577.3 WAR

577.3 WHI

582.16 PAG

582.160 WAL

582.2 HEW



333.75 RAI

574.5 FOR

574.5 NAT

574.5 NEW

574.5 NIC

574.5 PER

574.5 SAY

574.5 TER

577.34 ALL

577.34 HOL 

577.34 JOH

577.34 JOH

577.34 MOO



577 WOO (plates & tables)

577.3 DAY

577.4 ORM

577.4 WOO

And General Biome Sources 



577.3 ALL

577.3 DAY

577.3 KUE

574.5 KAP

And General Biome Sources



577 WOO (plates & tables)

577.5 HIS

577.5 MOO

577.5 QUI

577.78 MOO

577.5 WAR


Plant & Animals Sources in Wetlands

574.5 DUF

574.5 NIE

574.5 WET

577.68 MOO

577.68 LIS


Online Resources

To Access The Library Site:


Select School: Grapevine High School

Select Department Tab→ Library

Choose Online Resources (Left Side Vertical Menu)



Password   ___________


Select Gale eVirtual Reference Library

Type your search term in the Basic Search box & wait for your results list to appear! 

It's quick, easy, informative and right there at your fingertips!


To Change to A Different GALE DATABASE-

Click on Change Databases (Upper Right Corner)


Select Student Resource Center Gold

Type your search term(s) in the Basic Search box & wait for your results list to appear.

You can access information in any of the highlighted tabs across the top of the page.

You may view the results list as is or you can choose to narrow it by (Left side vertical menu) document type (biography, topic overview, speech, law overview, etc.), publication type, or subject.


You can email all articles home from the Gale Databases.




Username _______________________




Scroll down to select the Science Online Database

Type your particular search term in the Basic Search box found on the first screen

of the Science Online Database.

For Example: Taiga

You will get an extensive results list.

  • Taiga biology
  • Taiga climate
  • Taiga ecology
  • Taiga vegetation
  • Taiga geography
  • Taiga uses
  • Taiga threats
  • Taiga plant life
  • Taiga biogeography


You can email all articles home from the FOF database. By logging in with your email address and creating your own password, you can set up your own FOLDER. Having the folder will enable you to save FOF material for up to 6 months. This FOLDER can be accessed again from any computer simply by going through our website. Once in to FOF, open your folder by logging back in with your email address and the password you created!

It�s easy to do and simple to access from anywhere!

Facts On File EBooks DATABASE

 Username _________________


On the left hand side of the screen under All Titles Select the Science and Technology category.

On the upper right side you'll see Show By Title and a Show By #(select number using arrow key).

Pull the arrow key down to select 15 so all books will display. You can then select the biome book

you would like to look at, read, search, etc.



Polar Regions

Temperate Forests

Tropical Forests



Marshall Cavendish eBooks






In the Search Box, type in Biome. You can select/click on your particular biome from the results list to read the information.

This database also contains pictures that can be resized for printing. You can email articles home to your email address as well as set up a folder in which you can save your notes that you take.

Once you set up your folder, it will always be there for you, whenever you log back into the Marshall Cavendish eBooks database and then enter your log in information you set up for your folder.



Additional Good Gale Biome Resources (Direct Links Found in the PathFinder Folder)


Biome Overview    


Desert Biomes 

[Introduction | Kinds | Climate | Geography | Plant Life | Animal Life | Human Life]


Rain Forest Biomes 

Introduction | Kinds | Climate | Geography | Plant Life | Animal Life | Human Life]



Wetland Biomes 

[Introduction | Kinds | Climate | Geography | Plant Life | Animal Life | Human Life]


The Food Web 


Endangerment and Its Causes: An Overview 


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