Mrs. Simmons 
    Email maureen.simmons@gcisd.net
    Conference 1:05 - 1:55 p.m.
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    Education and Certifications

              *  University of North Texas – Bachelor of Science Degree

              *  Texas Certifications:

                       ~ Elementary Self-Contained (Grades 1-8)

                       ~ Elementary Reading (Grades 1-8)

                       ~ English as a Second Language (Grades 1-8)

                       ~ Educational Aide III


    Education Experience

              *  20 years in education
    *   I have taught both First and Second Grade

    As a First Grade Teacher my goal is to help children gain a love for school, learning and to not be afraid of the challenges that may face them, but to give them tools to accept these challenges and learn and grow because of them. I believe in the power of learning from our mistakes (I do all the time!) and to let students know that nobody is perfect, and to never give up.  I love to challenge and encourage students to think "outside the box" with higher order thinking skills like problem solving, analyzing, and evaluating situations. Students will be exposed to a bigger world as we connect with other classrooms through blogging, Skype and Twitter and utilize technology to enhance our learning.   I am excited about the challenges and changes in education today and look forward to learning and discovering right alongside my students! 

    Things I LOVE:  A new school year,  constantly learning new things, being creative, working on a team,  family and friends, the color blue, mountains, Fall, football, baseball, dogs, cats, singing (even though I have no voice!), Zumba/Jazzercise, laughing, the innocence of 1st Graders!, movies, books, road trips, national parks, the USA, hiking, real wood fires, cold rainy days!  Life is GOOD!