• Expectations:
    All students attend Specials every day.   Students will attend P.E. either on Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays, and every Friday.  They will rotate between Music and Spanish/Art.



    Dress Code:

    District policy requires all children wear TENNIS SHOES in Physical Education for their own safety.  These shoes must have white soles, or scuff-proof black soles.  Sandals, sandal backs, boots, cleated shoes, dress shoes, shoes with rollers, and slip-on shoes will not be allowed.  If your child does not want to wear tennis shoes to school, please send them in their backpack.


    Girls need to wear shorts under dresses or skirts.


    Please help your child be responsible.  Children will not be allowed to participate without proper attire.  Failure to wear the appropriate attire will result in a lowered participation grade. 



    Please send a note if your child needs to be excused from P.E.  A doctor’s note is required if the child must miss three or more days of school.

    “If a child brings a doctor’s/parent note excluding him/her from physical education, the same restrictions will apply at recess.  Doctor’s notes will be the guideline for when your child is allowed to return to physical activity. 

    Grades will be recorded each nine-week grading period.  Students will receive two grades: Skills and Conduct.  Skills grades are based on skills tests, written assignments, written tests, positive participation and cooperation.  These grades start at an E.  Conduct grades are based on attitude and citizenship, and start at an E.



    The following behavior responsibilities will apply to all students:

                * Be responsible and treat others and equipment with respect.

                * Follow all directions the first time given.

                * Keep hands, feet and negative comments to yourself.

    * Raise your hand and wait for permission before speaking or moving during instruction.

                * Use equipment as intended.



         Skill= Content                                                                       
    E – Above Grade Level            = Excellent                              

    S – On Grade Level                  = Satisfactory                          

    N – Below Grade Level            = Needs Improvement

    U – Insufficient                          = Unsatisfactory