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  • Third Graders Get "Trapped" in Real Life Snow Globe
    snow globe
    Third graders saw their fictional stories come to life this week, thanks to the help of the Grapevine Parks and Recreation department.

    The students wrote short stories about being trapped in a snow globe, and also created pictures to illustrate them. The Grapevine Parks and Recreation department heard about the student’s project and offered to bring over their giant, inflatable snow globe for a day. The third graders went first, recreating their stories. Over the rest of the day, the whole school got to enjoy the snow globe.
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    GES Inducts Inaugural class to New Honor Society Chapter

    GES Grapevine Elementary School (GES) has established a chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) to recognize their most outstanding students. 47 fourth and fifth grade students were inducted into the Grapevine Elementary NEHS during a formal ceremony on Friday, November 14.

    “Grapevine Elementary has a long history of student success and what a great way to recognize our students’ accomplishments as we celebrate our 20th year,” GES Principal Kim Blackburn said. “The inaugural chapter of the Grapevine Elementary National Elementary Honor Society is an excellent way to honor our past and look toward our future.”

    NEHS is a program of the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) in cooperation with the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP). More than just an honor roll, NEHS also engages its members in service activities and leadership development that help strengthen the programs for all students at the school and improve life in the community.

    NASSP also sponsors the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society, two of the nation’s premier organizations recognizing outstanding students who demonstrate excellence in the areas of scholarship, responsibility, leadership, service, citizenship and character.

    “The National Elementary Honor Society will give our students the opportunity to develop into effective communicators, collaborative problem solvers and global citizens, which are all important areas of focus in LEAD 2021,” Blackburn said.

    A full description of the criteria for membership and the process for selection will be made available to all students, parents, and staff on the GES website. For more information about the National Elementary Honor Society, please visit

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  • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ World of Wonder Nature Center

    Hannah Rickman and her third-grade classmates spent a recent afternoon in the sun feeling compost in their fingers, shoveling dirt and filling a flower bed to plant turnips, cucumbers, spinach and more.  The class and other students at Grapevine Elementary School are taking advantage of the new nature center garden tucked behind the school.  “It’s fun and I like that I get to actually do nature,” Hannah, 8, said as she shoveled dirt into a wheelbarrow.

    The school established the nature center — which the students call The World of Wonder — this year with the help of a $5,000 grant from the Grapevine-Colleyville Education Foundation. The idea came from Betsy Marsh, the school’s PTA’s environmental chairwoman.

    Along with filling in a garden bed, Hannah and her classmates got a hands-on lesson about successful soil for plants and the importance of compost.   While some cherished the ability to hold a worm in their hands, others were hoping their handful of soil didn’t have the wiggly creature, but all the children crowded around Marsh as she talked about how microbes and other organisms help the garden.

    Bradshaw was delighted that her students, even those who sometimes have difficulties in the classroom, were excited to learn. She said that without the garden they would have done a similar experience in the science lab, which is just not the same.  “This is the ultimate engaging lesson,” she said as her students pulled a wagon full of soil. “Everybody is engaged and successful in the learning.”

    Just before Bradshaw’s class showed up to learn about soil and compost, kindergartners checked on the pumpkins that have been growing and drew pictures of the now golf-ball-size gourds in their garden journals. The kindergartners have been documenting the pumpkins’ growth from seeds and join other classes that get out to the garden at least once a week.

    Kindergarten teacher Lisa Spencer led the lesson, and when she asked what they learned, the children were excited to talk about ladybugs and how they controlled an aphid problem.  “They have also had the opportunity to see which insects are harmful as well as helpful. They have been involved in every aspect of this process,” Spencer said. “They are super excited each time we observe the pumpkins and are using vocabulary that they truly understand.”

    Principal Kim Blackburn said the teachers are using the garden to enhance their curriculum in ways beyond biology. She said one fifth-grade class used lettuce for a discussion about multiplication.  “This is creating skilled problem solvers,” she said in the middle of the garden. “We can reach out beyond classroom walls to provide students the opportunity to engage in real world problem solving.” Dustin L. Dangli

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  • Rachel's Challenge
    The mission of Rachel’s Challenge is to create a positive culture change by starting a chain reaction of kindness and compassion. In our continued efforts to focus on the principles of Rachel’s Challenge at Grapevine Elementary, students participated in a Coin Drive for Post Elementary School in Post, Texas.

    On Sunday, September 21, approximately 470 students and 50 staff members lost their elementary campus and everything they value inside. Students are in need of supplies, at the least. The average cost of a complete set of supplies for one elementary student in Post Independent School District is $50.

    During the give back campaign, our students raised $1,375.45!  Money was collected to assist Post Elementary in restocking and rebuilding their classrooms.   Students helping students…what a powerful demonstration of kindness and compassion!
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Latest News

  •  Reflections Entry Advances to the State Level
    Kindergarten student, Insha Laikhani's Reflections Entry, One Act of Kindness, has advanced to state-level judging! This is a wonderful achievement as nearly 60,000 students participate in the program annually and less than 3% of those advance to Texas PTA. Final results will be announced on March 1 via the Texas PTA website.
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  • GRACE Food Drive

    GES Stars are sponsoring a food drive for Grapevine Relief and Community Exchange (GRACE) to help families within our community during the week of November 17-21. Please consider sending the food item listed below with your child(ren) according to their grade level. All donations can be placed on the labeled table against the north wall in the cafeteria.

    • Kindergarten: dry pasta
    • 1st Grade: canned beans
    • 2nd Grade: Ramen noodles
    • 3rd Grade: crackers (Saltines)
    • 4th Grade: canned fruit
    • 5th Grade: pancake mix
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    Attendance News

    Did you know attendance is a key component of overall success in school?  Research supports the unquestionable link between attendance and student achievement. Students who attend school between 85 and 100 percent of the time pass state tests in reading and math at much higher rates than students who attend school less than 85 percent of the time.

    Here are just a few ways we encourage and recognize our GES Stars for outstanding attendance:


    Outstanding Class Attendance Award

    Those classrooms with outstanding student attendance (all students have 0-3 absences) will receive recognition at the end of each nine week grading period. All Outstanding Class Attendance winners will receive a few special treats from Mrs. Blackburn and Ms. Ray in addition to a congratulatory poster to display in either the classroom or the hallway outside the classroom door.


    The following classes were recognized as our First Nine Weeks Outstanding Class Attendance Winners:

    Mrs. Eubank                         Mrs. Worthen

    Mrs. Garcia                           Mrs. Hammonds

    Mrs. King                               Mrs. Redmon

    Mrs. Lewis                             Mrs. Curnow

    Mrs. Cox                                Mrs. Gillmen

    Mrs. Kathman                      Mrs. Hendrickson

    Mrs. Choppy


    Zero Tardies Drawing

    Every three weeks those individual students with zero tardies will have their names placed in a drawing for various special rewards/treats from the Zero Tardy Prize Jar. Those students whose names are drawn will have the opportunity to take part in the KGES morning program and select a reward ticket from the Zero Tardy Prize Jar.

    Rewards or treats in the jar include items such as the opportunity to be a pledge leader on the KGES morning show, a FAST coupon, sit in the teacher’s chair for the day, a late work pass, etc. 


    Congratulations to the following students who took part in our first Zero Tardy Drawing this school year:

    Seth Vasquez

    Trey Blackstone

    Zakaiyah Pruitt

    Nathan Boudreaux

    Kate Swisher

    Sana Ahmed

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  •  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Save the Date…Heritage Day is Friday, November 21, 2014:

    Heritage Day is a time-honored tradition at Grapevine Elementary School.  This event is planned as a celebration of both our students’ and community’s rich heritage, as we recognize Grandparent’s Day and Veteran’s Day.  GES students may invite their grandparents and/or special guests to attend the celebration.  Due to high numbers of visitors, we encourage car pooling and walking.  We also encourage parents to let grandparents and special guests enjoy this special time with their Star.

    Heritage Day activities include individual classroom projects and a 2nd and 3rd grade musical performance.  The program will begin at 8:15, and will be video streamed to classrooms for guests to watch.  Grandparents and special guests of 2nd and 3rd grade students are invited to watch the performance in the cafeteria.  We will have overflow seating available in the library with video streaming. 

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  • Residency Verification for All Students
    August 11 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and August 12 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the GES Cafeteria
    (PLEASE NOTE: Your child will not be placed in a class if residency is not verified)
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  • Skyward Updates
    Do you need to update your student's profile in Skyward with a new address, phone number, emergency contacts, etc.?
    Fill out the Skyward Family Access: Student Information Update form and return it to the school office.
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  • Lunch Schedule
    Kindergarten, 10:25-10:55
    First Grade, 10:50-11:20
    Second Grade, 11:20-11:50
    Third Grade, 11:50-12:20
    Fourth Grade, 12:20-12:50
    Fifth Grade, 12:50-1:20
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  • Attendance Notes
    Please send notes regarding student absences to and copy your child's teacher.
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