Linda Fullhart, M.Ed.
Gifted Specialist, Glenhope Elementary
and Bransford Elementary 
Meet Mrs. Fullhart:


I graduated from The University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education back in the 1970s. I completed my Master's of Elementary Education degree with a specialization in Gifted Education from University of North Texas in the 1990s. I have completed over 18 hours of master's classes concerning working with the gifted. I continue to attend seminars - locally, state-wide, and nationally to increase my knowledge of working with gifted learners.


I have been teaching in GCISD for 25 years. For the last 19 years I have been a Gifted Specialist and have had the privilege to be one of the teachers of the the district's Advanced Academics program at several elementary schools in the district, including Silver Lake Elementary. Grapevine Elementary, Cannon Elementary, Dove Elementary, Timberline Elementary and Colleyville Elementary. In 2012 I had the honor of being named Silver Lake's Teacher of the Year and then in May 2012 was honored again when I was chosen as the GCISD Elementary Teacher of the Year. There are so many wonderful teachers in GCISD, I will work to make sure I live up to this distinction!

I am one of those that embraces change, so after working at "The Lake" for 13 years I was excited about my move to "The Swamp" last year! I really enjoyed getting to know my students last year in our ASPIRE pull out program and am looking forward to building new memories with them this school year. I will also be teaching 3rd and 5th Grade ASPIRE Pull Out at Bransford. I am looking forward to getting to know these students and teachers as well.

I enjoy collaborating with my peers and know that the time we spend together planning for our shared students will enhance our journey to meeting all of the expectations of LEAD 2021 and embracing the Learner Platform. I am also thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with the teachers of the ASPIRE Academy for the Highly Gifted that is housed at Glenhope. 

Teaching Philosophy:

Giving students the tools they need to become a life-learner is how I view my job as a teacher. The tools that I feel students need are the ones that will make them better thinkers and decision makers; ones that help them to respectfully challenge others' ideas; to learn to be able to justify their own thinking and opinions, and to be true collaborators. The thinking tools we use in ASPIRE classes include: higher-order thinking skills, Intellectual Traits, Standards and Criteria, deBono's Six Thinking Hats, Thinking Maps, FFOE, Socratic questioning, and metacognition. I also want my students to see that they are capable of professional student products. I am excited to have been chosen to be a digital classroom teacher and will be working with the other GT Specialists as we work to seamlessly integrate technology with our ASPIRE curriculum - not as an event, but just as another learning tool. I want the students to not only be consumers of the world wide web, but to also be producers of knowledge to share globally with their peers. Ultimately, I want to make learning fun and engaging, but I also push my students to experience the exhilaration of challenge. 


After growing up in Iowa and spending several years traveling around the country with my husband, who was then a US Naval Aviator, we settled in Grapevine where we have now lived for 26 years. We have two grown daughters. The oldest lives in New York City and the younger lives in Grapevine. This past year was a busy one for the Fullhart family - our oldest daughter was married in NYC in October 2013 and our youngest daughter was married in Grapevine in May 2014. My youngest daughter had major surgery, I had surgery, and my mom passed - a year of highs and lows! 

When I am not teaching, you can usually find me reading, working/collaborating on my computer, baking, traveling, or following my passion - theatre. I am one of the many volunteers at Grapevine's Runway Theatre. I have worked behind the scenes as a member of Runway Theatre's Board of Trustees, an assistant director, stage manager, committee chair, and general volunteer. In the spring of 2010 I had the opportunity to direct my first show, Getting Sara Married. It was a wonderful experience! I have also been seen on stage in several productions there and at other local community theaters. "The arts" runs through the blood in my family. My husband and daughters have also been involved in many aspects of music, theatre, and dance. They also have spent many long hours volunteering with me at Runway Theatre. In 2009 I was honored when Runway Theatre awarded me as their Volunteer of the Year. I am excited that this year both my daughter and I will be on the Runway Board of Trustees and will work closely together on fundraising. Come to a show and experience the awesomeness of live theatre!

School Memories:

I believe in the power of stories. My students can probably best tell you about many of my experiences as an elementary school student. The time I decided to skip school in 3rd grade (and had to stay after for 30 minutes a day for 12 days to pay back the time I missed) to the time I had a wardrobe malfunction one cold winter day in Iowa (before girls were allowed to wear pants at school), to my first starring role in a school play, to my love of reading - especially Little Women (until the Harry Potter series arrived), to the Christmas ornament I made in my 6th grade art class that still hangs on my tree today. I look forward to adding new chapters to the stories of my life with my time here at the Swamp. As I said, I believe in the power of stories and personal connections - feel free to drop by sometime and we can swap stories.


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