Joe Parthemore

    5th Grade


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    As one of the fifth grade teachers at Cannon Elementary, I am eager to partner up with you and your kiddos to create a love for learning. My strengths include but are not limited to my passion for an excellent education through a public education, a love of learning, teamwork, dedication to students, driven to work with all students, and eagerness to try new things. When I teach your students, I will treat them like they are my own. This means that I’ll be tough on your kiddos. I will push them to think critically about the things they say, as well as the things they do. I strongly encourage innovation, creativity, as well as the ability to write with content and logic. I am not a perfect person, but instead I strive to be the best version of myself. I will make mistakes, but I know that if you and I work together we will deliver a wonderful education for your child. 

    I am excited to teach for my 3rd year at Cannon Elementary!  Previously, I was one of the fifth grade teachers at Dove Elementary School.  I graduated from Lancaster Bible College in Pennsylvania with two bachelor's degrees in Elementary Education and Biblical Studies.  I have several years of experience in elementary education, higher education, and business education. My professional objective is to equip students with knowledge, skills, and values that will transform their minds, mold their sense of character, and enable individuals to reach their fullest potential. I take a professional approach to teaching through organization, dependability, and motivation. My teaching and student teaching placements have revealed my initiative in the classroom. I feel empowered knowing a team is working for a greater purpose. My academic and personal experience has equipped me to be a man who does not settle for mediocre teaching. Challenges excite me as an educator, especially trying to figure out creative ways to adapt instruction to meet every learner’s needs. Every child has the ability to learn, and my desire is to be a tool for that process of learning. I believe that students must also learn to work cooperatively in the learning process, as well as be competitive when appropriate.   


    Texas Educator Certificate (EC-6)

    English as a Second Language

    Gifted and Talented

    Pennsylvania Instructional 1 Certificate (K-6) 

    ACSI Standard Certificate (K-6)