STEM ELA 6th grade

  • ELA within STEM focuses on investigation and innovation through critical reading and research skills. We will also focus on foundation of clear writing skills aligned to 6th grade TEKS. We will use the district wide supported Springboard resources in addition to current events news articles related to science and technology.

    Units of study overview:

    Semester One -

    Unit 1- Focus on Change. Analyze texts for key ideas and details. Use narrative techniques to craft a personal narrative. Understand pronouns and conventions of writing dialogue to craft writing of personal narratives and short stories.

    Unit 2 - Focus on storytelling. Explore the craft of storytelling, write a short story. Recognize essential elements of plot, point of view, characterization, and setting. Build oral reading fluency. Craft grammatically correct sentences and write using precise adjectives and adverbs.

    Semester Two

    Unit 3- Focus on Novels. Explore the concept of voice through both reading and writing. Read challenging texts, both fiction and nonfiction, with fluency and comprehension. Identify elements of legends and myths present in a contemporary work of fiction. Identify how a character is presented and how he or she changes throughout a novel. Develop writing skills through various stages of the writing process.

    Unit 4-  Focus on Research. Research, gather, and organize content to achieve purpose for a presentation. Relate setting to action,characterization, and plot. Define, identify, and analyze various elements of drama. Rehearse and present an engaging performance.



    Google classroom- where to find weekly assignment information

    How students will access and turn in most daily work.

    There is a new feature that emails parents and guardians a report of assignments from all their google classrooms. I will be adding parent/guardian emails as listed in skyward. If, at any time you no longer wish to receive this information or you wish a different email to be used please let me know.


    Go to Student will be prompted to “join a class”. Add the following class code.

    1st period- 3y3r3wk

    2nd period- djyd1t

    3rd period- c85pbn

    5th period - Obdalqs

    6th period - bkdr1e

    8th period - w8k2wve


    GCISD website- - Grapevine Middle School

    Place to find most general reference information and most static information regarding school, class, etc.


    Skyward Family Access -

    Students will be taught how to log in and check grades. Expect grades to be posted about once a week .


    Membean - Membean is the district wide online vocabulary system. I will show students how to log in, how to use the system, and how they will be graded. Students will be expected to practice on the system outside of class at least 30 minutes a week. This practice time will be a formative grade. Students can enroll in membean at the link below then entering a class code.

    1st period: GQSQBBN

    2nd period: GQSQ8QQ
    6th period: GQSQCBT

    8th period: GQSQEQA

    Students will then be prompted to create a log in account.


    Seesaw -- Seesaw is an in class blog we will be using for posting responses, collaboration, and other activities. It will be a place for students to record and post examples of work. It is a safe “private” medium moderated by me.  We will have this up and going with in the first few weeks of school. Look for more information coming home soon.


    GCISD READS- Students will be expected to take part in the district wide GCISD Reads challenges. There are three new ways to complete this challenge now; by genre, by number of books, or by pages. Please see the link below for more information. I have also posted this link in the google classroom, my website, and will have paper copies available for students.  challenges

    2017 - 2018 GCISD READS


    Flipgrid - This website will be used for reading responses in class. I will give more detailed description in class but you can access the site here.


    • Composition Book/Spiral ( we will call it Engineer Handbook)
    • Pens/Pencils/Highlighters
    • Laptop & Earbuds and CHARGER
    • Something you are reading (novel, magazine, ebook, etc)



    I believe homework should be an extension of what is happening in class either a reworking of something we just did or preparation for something coming up. These will be assigned as needed and I will do my best to help you plan.

    So, homework will be:

    1. Revision: Something you didn’t finish in class time, editing of a writing, making up a grade.
    2. Preparation: research for upcoming activities, outside reading, membean vocabulary practice, summaries of your personal reading.      



    1. The student is responsible for collecting their make-up work.
    2. As per school policy, the student will have 2 class days per absence to complete the work.  
    3. Follow your classroom procedures for obtaining and turning in absent work.

    *If you have questions or need help with any work, your teacher is available to provide one-on-one assistance during their specified student assistance times. PLEASE SOME SEE ME. I can and want to help.


    1. No name papers will result in an automatic deduction of 10 points and will be placed in the no name box.
    2. The student will have one week to claim the paper. If it is not claimed within the week, the paper will be assigned a zero.



    General Grading Categories with examples of types of activities-

    40 % -- Formative Assessments (students are “forming their understanding).

    Think of this as the daily activities we will do in class. This can include Journal Entries, Quick Writes, research checks, reading comprehension, 1st drafts of projects

    50% -- Summative Assessments (students “sum up” what they have learned)

             These would be culminating activities at the end of a unit. This can include final

              presentations, projects, final drafts of papers, final group projects.

    5% -- Collaboration Group dynamics, design challenges

    5% -- College Career Readiness : preparation for class, participation in class activities        

             and teamwork teamwork.




    Behavioral Expectations:

    1. Respect yourself - be prepared with notebook, pen/pencil, charger and device. , Be positive and don’t give up. STEM students are problem solvers-- it’s what we do.
    2. Respect others- raise your hand to speak, say please and thank you, be polite.
    3. Respect your teacher - listen. REALLY LISTEN. Wait to be called on. Put down the device and pay attention to the directions. Be polite when speaking and ASK FOR HELP.
    4. Respect Property - if it isn’t yours -- LEAVE IT ALONE. It may seem funny to reach over and turn off someone’s device -- until it happens to you. Desks, devices, school property are all expensive. These things are on loan to you. Be kind.

    Consequences for disrupting class-

    1. Warning. It will be simple and to the point. That is your chance to check yourself and redirect yourself.
    2. Contact parent at home (email/phone call as needed) documentation ( often goes along with #3)
    3. Detention at lunch or before/after school
    4. Parent conference (as needed)
    5. Office referral ( seriously-- don’t go here).

    Behavior that prevents others from learning or me from teaching (cursing, bullying, physical interactions with other, destruction of property, etc) get you STRAIGHT to the Office.

    Late to Class. When a student is late to class, the tardy must be entered into the Skyward system.  Teachers will use the following consequence progression for tardy students:

        • 1ST Tardy. Warning. Sign sheet. Document in Skyward.
        • 2nd Tardy. Warning. Sign sheet. Document in Skyward.
        • 3rd Tardy. Sign sheet. Contact parent. Document in Skyward.
        • 4th Tardy. Sign. Document. Office referral (admin. detention)
        • 5th Tardy. Sign. Document. Office referral (ISS)
    • Note: Tardies reset at the beginning of each 9 weeks.



    Students will be required to do many of their assignments and projects using technology.  Students will also use a variety of other apps and websites to develop meaningful work that meets our LEAD 2021 goals.  A technology agreement was signed as part of the registration process.

    I will send home information regarding the types of websites and applications we will use and do my best to insure they are both age and school appropriate.