All students must register to ride the bus.  This registration process replaces the booklets that were handed out in the past. The Bus Rider Registration Form and Student Rider Handbook are both available online and may be found by clicking on the links below. 
Bus Rider Registration Form and 2014-15 Student Rider Handbook.  Forms may be submitted by email, fax, US Mail (on the bottom of the form) or the student may give the form to his/her bus driver.  
Frequently Asked Questions About Regular Bus Routes
Q:   How do I find my student's bus stop? 
A:   Use the link above to find your eligible bus stop.
Q:   Do I have to fill out any forms for my student to ride the bus?
A:   Yes!  All students must fill out and submit a Bus Rider Registration Form (see above).
Q:   I filled out a form last year.  Do I need to fill out another one this year too?
A:   Yes.  All students must re-register for the bus every year.
Q:   I found my bus stop, filled out the Bus Rider Registration Form and sent it to you.  When can my child ride the bus?  
A:   Immediately.  Once you have filled out the form, your child is registered for service.  You may not receive confirmation from us.
Q:   The website doesn't give me any information.  What now?
A:   If you get no information at all, your address is not being recognized by the database.  Please make sure that you are entering the address exactly as it is named.  The database does not understand short cuts.  i.e., State Highway 360 is correct, not Hwy 360.
Q:   The website shows me schools but there is no information below that. What now?
A:   Currently, your address is not zoned for a stop.  
Frequently Asked Questions About Space Available/Pay to Ride Transportation Services
Q:   What is Space Available/Pay to Ride transportation?  
A:   Students may not ride a bus until determination of available space on existing bus routes has been determined.  Parents will need to fill out a Space Available Application Form.  The Transportation Department will review the applications and notify the parents of available space and assigned bus and stop before processing payments.  Consideration is on a first come, first serve basis.  Once this has been established, the student can then ride the bus.  Review of applications will not begin until at least two (2) weeks after school starts.  For more information on Space Available service, please see the Space Available/Pay to Ride webpage.
Q:   Can I just pay and have a bus pick up my student?
A:   No, application must be made and space availability must be determined before student may ride.
Last Modified on September 6, 2014
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