• Warren Puckett                                                   

    Medical Microbiology and Pathophysiology, Chemistry, Physics

    BS Chemistry University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga,
    M.Ed. Science Education - University of Texas @ Dallas, 
    AAS Petroleum Engineering Technology @ Odessa College,   

    US Navy Medical Corpsman School /  Medical Laboratory Tech School /
    EKG Tech/ Emergency Medical Tech / Pharmacy Tech.

     Certified and past courses taught:   AP / Honors Chemistry;  AP / Honors Physics;  Honors Biology;  Ecology; AP Environmental Science,  Meteorology;  Geology;  Engineering;  Forensic Science;  Medical Microbiology and Pathophysiology,  Corrosion and Chemical Treatments in the Petroleum Production Unit.
    Note:   IF you MISS CLASS,  visit our Google Classroom to view notes, assignment directions and files.

    Warren PuckettElectron Microscope

    Microbio text 2017 Pathophysiology text

    IPC text 2017  
     MICRO 2016C MICRO CLASS 2106D
    MICRO 2016A  MICRO CLASS 2016 B
    MICRO MOLD 3 Jayden 2 2016 MICRO MOLD 2 Jadyn 2016a Flying 1986
    ECG med lab  Ecg lab 2
    micro1  micro petri dish 1 hcPep rally 1 Fungus / mold petri dish micro sampling 3b micro 3a micro sampling 1 FS 2016 1b FS 2016 1 Homecoming Rock n Roll day microbiology class 3c
     microscope Rabbit hair
    Feather  Hair
    Virus models  
    Nail bed  laying on nail bed

    Patriotic Day Homecoming week Western Day  Flying 2016

    Western Day Homecoming week Marine boot camp 2015

    Hippy Dippy Day Dress up Hippy Dress up Day Microbiology class 1 Micro class micro class micro class 2016d
    Forensics Micro lab Forensics micro class
    Colleywood wall Senior Wall homecoming micro class 2016e
    PEP boys Homecoming parade Homecoming Parade colorguard micro petri dish 7
    Micro labs Micro labs mosq 2 \Tripan1
    Homecoming pep rally Homecoming pep rally


    Crime scene #1 Sept 2014 Crime scene #1  Sept 2014
    crime scene #1  Sept 2014 Crime scene fingerprint Sept 2014 Crime scene #1 Sept 2014
     anatomy models Matt scoping hang gliding flying Sterilization of wire loop   Pouring agar Plates micro class1 ameboa 2 Warren motorcycle 2015

    Pep boys at ball game Forensics burning fibers

    Forensics crime scene photo Warren launching HG 2015

    Panorama, OKWestern dress day Sherlock Holmes PickingWarren HG 2015

    Forensics crime scene 1 Mystery powder forensics Top Gun 2015

    Puckett on hang gliderWarren paragliding by the moon

    gas drilling rigArmed Forces Day

     flying to the moon  paragliding
    Environmental centerparaglidingAlmorgordoscuba

    Warren landing at Space Hall of Fame, Almorgordo NM Mr. Puckett flying a hang glider at Caddo Mills airport 2012 Physics of flight labPhysics of flight labMy motorcycleFlying over Hearne AirportGrad2010aGrad2010b 
    Elvis came for Halloween
    WP guitar 2014 tubaCHS Jazz BandMy daughtersCessna

     Dusting for latent fingerprints Floresent fingerprints
    Forensic Science Tire Marks Forensics footprint castings Forensics making footprint castings Forensics
     hang gliding
     human heart fingerprint scanner
    Microscope microscope
     cb750a Kaw Concours warren cycling cb750b

     flying Buffalo Mtn

    medical microscope  cell phone lab
    micro gram stain  incubator
    Mr Puckett micro bact lab  grams stain
    petri dish exam  gram stain pouring agar plates gram positive gram positive gram negative
     cell phone culture2 cell phone sample
    petri dish2 petri dish1  
    micro 2  taking pics with phone
    Flying  home coming parade
    flame testing Forensics lab police instruction Forensics 1  

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