Welcome to the 2014 -2015 School Year!
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Welcome Back 2014-2015




# 1 – Woodwind Trio - Andante and American Folk Suite – Handel and arr. Hervig

Flute – Kristen Edwards

Clarinet – Megan Ja                         

Bassoon – Ruth Schlenker

***Judge 3 E-1   10:01***


# 2 - Woodwind Trio - Andante and American Folk Suite – Handel and arr. Hervig

Flute – Joy Om

Clarinet – Avery Bentson                

Bassoon – Eric He

***Judge 2  Lecture Hall    10:36***


#3 – Flute Quartet Concerto for 4 Flutes - Telemann

Fl1 – Christine Trimmer

Fl2 – Peyton Mince

Fl3 – Madi McAdams                                   

Fl4 – Emilee Ewing

***Judge 2 Lecture Hall   8:51***


#4 - Sax Quartet - The Entertainer – Scott Joplin / arr. James “Red” McLeod

Alto1 – Phillip Zeng

Alto2 – Brendan Comiskey

Tenor – Nina Cuccarese                   

Bari – Jackson Maines

***Judge 3 Room E-1   9:54***

#5 - Clarinet Choir - Canzona per Sonare No. 2 – Giovanni Gabrieli / arr. Ayres

Cl.1 – Megan Ja

Cl.2 – Sarah Iven

Cl.3 – Avery Bentson, Carlos Hernandez               

Bass Cl. – Phoenix Nelson

Contra Bass Cl. – Jennifer Reyes 

***Judge 3 Room E-1  10:08***


#6 - Woodwind Choir - Eine Kleine Nachtmusic 1st Mvt. – W.A. Mozart / arr. Clifton Jones

Flute – Christine Trimmer, Peyton Mince, Madi McAdams

Oboe – Emilee Ewing, Joy Om, Kristen Edwards

Bassoon – Ruth Schlenker, Eric He

Clarinet 1 – Megan Ja

Clarinet 2 - Sarah Iven

Clarinet 3 – Carlos Hernandez, Avery Bentson                  

Bass Cl. – Phoenix Nelson

Contra Bass Cl. – Jennifer Reyes

Alto Sax 1 – Phillip Zeng

Alto Sax 2 – Brenden Comiskey

Bari. Sax – Jackson Maines

***Judge 1  E-3   8:37***



#7 – Brass Quartet – Pomp and Panoply #4 – Paul Koepke

Tpt. 1              Benjamin Bush

Tpt. 2              Adam Abeyta

Trb. 1              Rainey Jackson                            

Barit.               Grant Koetting

***Judge 6 D-2   9:33***


#8 – FH Quartet –Fanfare from Andante and Fanfare – William D. Davis

FH 1                Emily Koch

FH 2                Luke Clutterbuck                            

FH 3                Ryaan Kara

FH 4                Jackson Schubert, Jonathan McCue

***Judge 5 E-6   9:47***


#9 – Trombone Quartet – Tiger Rag – arr. Jack Gale

Trb. 1              Matthew Wood

Trb. 2              Jonathan Brosnac      

Trb. 3              Animesh Chaudhary, Hayden Juroska

Trb. 4              Hunter Green

***Judge 7 D-8   10:29***


#10 – Brass Quintet – Peacherine Rag – Scott Joplin

Tpt. 1              Lindsay Kenney

Tpt. 2              Austin Lehman

FH                   Luke Clutterbuck                              

Trb.                 Hayden Juroska

Tuba               Nico Morin

***Judge 6 D-2   10:01***


#12 – Percussion Ensemble – Danielle’s Cha Cha Cha – Lalo Davila

Abby Rice

Mia Whorley

Dilan Shah

Keenan Koppen

Marisa Gulati

***Judge 8 Band Hall 11:39***

#13 – Woodwind Quartet -  Divertimento – W.A. Mozart / arr. Harry Gee

Flute               Emily Ewing

Oboe               Peyton Mince

Clarinet          Sarah Iven

Bassoon          Ruth Schlenker

***Judge 4 A-2   9:26***


#14 – Percussion Ensemble (Snare Drum Duet)– Simple Duet in 2/4 Time – Morris Goldenberg

Samuel Jackson

Hayden Lotspeich

***Judge 8 Band Hall   11:25***


#15 – Symphonic Ensemble-Andante-Telemann

Nina Cuccarese

CJ Wadlow

Lesly Alvarado

Paola Centeno

Jamie Guerra

Brock Kuehler

Oswaldo Ortiz

Stephanie Frank

Jaxon McGaha

Miguel Barrientos

Hayden Lotspeich

Samuel Jackson

***Judge 1  E-3  8:30***


#17 Symphonic Woodwind Ensemble

Dance-Dmitri Kabalevsky

***Judge 2  Lecture Hall   11:18***


Jazz Band

***Judge 8 Bandhall  10:57***


Beginner Flutes

***Judge 2  Lecture Hall   10:29***


Beginner Clarinets

***Judge 3  E-1   10:15***


Beginner Oboe & Bassoon

***Judge 4  A-2   9:19***


Beginner Alto Saxophone

***Judge 3  E-1   9:47***


Beginner French Horn

***Judge 5  E-6   9:33***


Beginner Cornet

***Judge 5  E-6   9:26***


Beginner Trombone

***Judge 6  D-2   9:54***


Beginner Euphonium & Tuba

***Judge 7  D-8   9:05***


Beginner Percussion

***Judge 8  Band Hall   9:12***


Congratulations to the CTMS 2013-2014 Honors Band for earning the coveted Sweepstakes Award for their performance at the recent UIL Concert & Sight-Reading Contest. Mr. Nájera is very proud of the band's preparations and performance!  
Congratulations also goes to our CTMS 2013-2014 Symphonic Band for earning a First Division at UIL on the Sight-Reading portion of the contest.  Great job!
We would also like to congratulate our CTMS 2013-2014 Beginner Band for earning a First Division at the NRH2O Music Festival. Terrific job Band!  Great year!
Our Great Bands Performing!

CTMS Band is Featured on SmartMusic.com
The CTMS Band was recently featured on SmartMusic.com.  Click here to see a video about their preparation for their Midwest performance (we are the video on the right).
Cross Timbers Middle School Band selected as a National Winner

Congratulations to the CTMS Honors Band for being selected as National Winner in the 2011 National Wind Band Honors Project Mark of Excellence.  The band was selcected from a national field of entrants. This is the first time the band has received this honor. The Mark of Excellence recorded music contest offers bands, choirs, and orchestras the unprecedented opportunity to earn national recognition for their musical achievement.

                                                              National Winner

Cross Timbers Middle School Honors Band Receives National Recognition

Official Midwest Performer

The Cross Timbers Middle School honors band was selected to perform at the 2011 Midwest Clinic in Chicago, IL. The 63-member band was selected from entries from all 50 states, and is one of only three middle school bands nationwide to receive this honor. The band, under the direction of Asa Burk and assistant director Mary McCracken, traveled to Chicago in December 2011 to perform at the music education conference.

 To achieve this honor, the students began preparing concert music in January. The band performed a concert at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas on March 5. A recording of that performance was submitted for consideration to Midwest Clinic officials. "The band worked hard to prepare this concert,” says Burk. “These kids are really into playing their instruments and making music. It was fun to watch them get excited about playing in the Meyerson.  Having that performance be selected for Midwest is just magical.”

 The Midwest Clinic was created to raise the standards of music education, improve methods employed in music education, and develop new teaching techniques. More than 15,000 music educators representing every state and more than 30 countries attend the annual conference. In addition to attending clinics, lectures and demonstrations, attendees are treated to 30 concerts from some of the nation’s top performing groups.

"This is an amazing group of musicians,” says Burk. “It is a very special thing to get to make music every day.  Being recognized like this on a national level is something they will remember for a lifetime.  I'm so proud of the kids."

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