iUniversity Prep student hopes to play in future World Cup

Jordan On Thursday, June 26, the United States Men’s Soccer National Team takes on Germany in a win, draw or go home World Cup game. In North Texas, high schooler Jordan Kinsakongathon is watching the world games with great anticipation for his future.

Kinsakongathon is one of only 18-20 members of the FC Dallas Academy elite soccer team. With his intense schedule, maintaining a rigorous academic course load had been a challenge in the past. But now, with the flexibility of his online public education through iUniversity Prep: A GCISD Virtual Academy, he is able to train with FC Dallas Academy in hopes of making a future World Cup team.

“I practice with FC Dallas Academy five times a week, year-round, so by being in iUniversity Prep I have more time to focus on soccer,” Kinsakongathon said. “Since becoming a student at iUniversity Prep, my grades and my soccer have improved.”

iUniversity Prep is a tuition free, online public school operated by GCISD and is one of only a handful of public virtual education solutions in the state offering elementary, middle and high school programs.

Kinsakongathon believes what makes him a good soccer player is also what makes him a good iUniversity Prep student.

“In order to play for the FC Dallas Academy, you have to push yourself really hard and focus,” Kinsakongathon said. “In a traditional school setting I always got distracted, but it’s really easy for me to motivate myself and be more focused when I am at home doing my school work for iUniversity Prep.”

Andres Betancur, iUniversity Prep Spanish and physical education teacher who also is an avid soccer fan and player, says one of his favorite things about the program is the individualization for every student, whether a dancer, actor or athlete.

“For teachers of advanced athletes at iUniversity Prep, it’s pretty incredible,” Betancur said.  “A lot of our students have extreme discipline, drive and goals and we cooperate with their various, sometimes demanding, schedules to provide a one-to-one, streamlined, tailored, flexible education.”

iUniversity Prep is an innovative choice school where students are encouraged and equipped to pursue excellence in academics, service, extra-curricular and community in the world today and in the future. Enrollment for the 2014-2015 school year is now open. Visit iuniversityprep.org or call 817-305-4895 for more details.