Class of 2019: Grapevine High School

This year, we will be following some of the members of the class of 2019 from GHS, CHHS, and Collegiate Academy. Today we’ll chat with four members of the Grapevine High School freshman class.

We asked Antonio Campos, Arianne Mathew, Kimberly Ndegwa, and Lindsey Smyth questions about being a Freshman, their future plans, and how they feel about technology in the classroom.

Read on to find out what they think!



What does being a Freshman mean to you?

Antonio: Being a freshman means that I have successfully reached a new level of my school career. Socially, I know my friends might start changing and acting differently.

Arianne: Socially, it means that you’re back at the bottom of the food chain, and you have to get used that that again. Educationally, it can be hard to figure out what classes to take and what colleges are going to like best. This is also our first year of AP classes!

Kimberly: It means you get a fresh start, educationally and socially. There are definitely pros and cons to being a freshman. Pros are: meeting new people and making new friends, getting more freedom and bigger responsibilities. Cons are getting bullied, all the extra homework and not having much of a social life outside of school.

Lindsey: It’s the start of something new, the beginning of a journey of learning and knowledge.

What do you want to accomplish in high school?

Antonio: I want to graduate high school, and keep my grades up. I want to play football in college, so I need good grades to do that.

Arianne: I want to be a good student! I want to join a lot of different clubs and try to find my place in high school. I want to keep good grades and make sure I will go far in life after college.

Kimberly: I want to retain my 4.0 GPA, join the debate club, be a GHS Fillie, and help to change my high school for the better. I would really like to graduate as Valedictorian of my class.

Lindsey: I want to graduate in the top ten of my class and become a cross country state champion.

What role does technology play in your day to day life?

Antonio: I use technology pretty much all day. I use a personal computer to complete my assignments. I take a class at Colleyville Heritage, so it’s nice to have the computer to take back and forth.

Arianne: I don’t really like using technology at school. I like writing my notes down, I remember things better than way. I love using my phone, but I want to use it for social things, not taking notes or studying.

Kimberly: I use technology every day! I like using social media apps like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to talk to my friends. I use technology at home to help me study, or look up the answers to questions I have. I don’t really enjoy applying technology in school because I feel like this generation is getting too reliant on technology. I would rather just use a pen and paper in class.

Lindsey: Technology is used very frequently in my life. I use it whenever I have a question I want answered or when I’m curious about a subject. I want technology to enhance our learning. Technology makes things more efficient and organized, and gives us easier access to resources. However, technology should just be used as a learning enhancement, not to replace teachers.


What are your plans for after high school?

Antonio: I would like to go a college in state. I am very close to my family, and they offer me a lot of support, so I want to stay close enough that we can still visit each other regularly.

Arianne: I want to be a powerful businesswoman when I grow up. I want to learn lots of languages and travel around the world!

Kimberly: I would like to go to Stanford University to pursue being a doctor, or go to Harvard Law to become a Lawyer. I am not sure yet exactly what the future holds for me, but I am trusting in the Lord to guide my way.

Lindsey: I want to go to an exceptional college and become successful in what course I take. I’m thinking about something in business, finance or economics. High school will help me reach these goals by giving me the resources, knowledge and information I need to get into a good college and complete it with good grades, as well as living a fulfilling and successful life.
Thank you to Antonio, Arianne, Kimberly and Lindsey for talking to us. We will visit with them again in May to see how their freshman year went!