Class of 2019: Colleyville Heritage High School

This year, we will be following some of the members of the class of 2019 from GHS, CHHS, Collegiate Academy, and iUniversity Prep. Today we’ll chat with four members of the Colleyville Heritage High School freshman class.


We asked Drake Dancila, Grace Lee and Zohev Aziz questions about being a Freshman, their future plans, and how they feel about technology in the classroom.



1. What does being a freshman mean to you?



Drake: Socially, it means you’re a little bit more conservative, because you’re trying to find your place in the school.  I thought the seniors would be really tough, but everyone’s been really nice. People don’t hate freshman!



grace Grace: High school means different things to different people, so everyone has their own experiences. Being a freshman, it took me awhile to adjust from middle school to high school. Everyone here has been really accepting, and all the upperclassmen are so willing to help you, since you’re the baby of the school. Everyone has been so helpful and supportive.



zohev Zohev: I think everything they told us about being a freshman in middle school was a giant stereotype. They told us all the upperclassmen would be really tough and mean, and they’ve been really nice. They’ll just come up to you out of nowhere and make friends with you. I also like the freedom we’ve been given in high school: it’s a nice change from middle school.



2. How do you feel about technology use in school?


d Drake: I don’t use it a ton socially, but I love Googling and researching things on the internet to learn more about topics I’m interested in. In class, we use Membeam, which is an online vocabulary tool, and I like using things like that, because it lets us work more individually. I also like turning assignments in digitally. It gives us more accountability, because you can’t really lose a paper online.



g Grace: I think it’s really helpful. We all have own our Google drive and Gmail accounts, so we can save our documents and communicate with teachers more easily. I also like the Remind 101 texts that teachers send out. It’s helpful, because I’m really busy and it’s easy to forget about assignments or quizzes, but they send us reminders. I think that’s the most beneficial use of technology we have.




Zohev: I like using technology, because it’s hard for me to remember pens and pencils and books and papers everyday, and I’m really unorganized. Having everything in one place is nice because it makes it easier to remember and helps keep me organized. Plus, I don’t have to worry about losing things.




3. How do you use social media?


d Drake: I don’t post a lot to social media, but I can spend a lot of time browsing Instagram. I think social media is important. There have been revolutions in the Middle East, and they started on Twitter.  I use Snapchat as a way to keep up with the news. CNN and National Geographic have really awesome Snapchat stories, and it’s a good way to catch the highlights of something.



g Grace: I really love Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, and Twitter is my favorite. A lot of the clubs and extracurriculars on campus have Twitter accounts, and if I’m thinking about joining a group, I check their Twitter feed to see what they’re like.




Zohev: I have accounts on pretty much everything, but the only thing I really use is Snapchat. People tend to post the same things on multiple platforms, so you really only need to follow one. I like social media for comedy related content, and Snapchat is good for that.



4. What are your future goals?



Drake: I want to go to Georgia Tech for engineering. I don’t know exactly which path I want to take in engineering, but Georgia Tech has a great program for that.  I’ve got a few years to figure out what exactly I want.




Grace: This summer, I spent three weeks at a GT camp that was held at Stanford, and I fell in love with the campus and the community there. It’s so beautiful! I’m not sure what I want to study yet, but I think want to be a college professor. I love doing research, and teaching. I think it’ll be something science related.




Zohev: My dream college is MIT. I’ve been there a few times, and it’s the greatest place I could imagine going to. I know it’s hard to get into, but that’s the dream. I think I’ll go into computer software engineering.



Thank you to Drake, Grace and Zohev for talking to us! We will visit with them again in May to see how their year went.