Students and staff celebrate Red Ribbon Week 2015

On Monday, Oct. 26, the GCISD Board of Trustees signed a proclamation declaring Oct. 26 - 30 as Red Ribbon Week in GCISD. From dress-up days to decorations, students and staff members across the district have spent this week sharing messages of staying drug-free through fun events and activities.
Schools also decorated inside and out. Check out Facebook for photos! 
Here's what we've been up to:
Central Administration
Monday - Sock it to Drugs (Crazy Sock Day)
Tuesday - Too bright for drugs (Wear Neon Clothing)
Wednesday - Picture this, a cure for breast cancer (Wear Pink)
Thursday - Respect Yourself, Be Drug Free (Wear Red)
Friday - Spook Out Drugs (Halloween Hats/t-shirts with treats in the afternoon)
Bear Creek Elementary School 
Monday - Kick off Red Ribbon Week - Wear Red
Tuesday - Put a Lid on Drugs - Wear a Hat
Wednesday - Sock it to Drugs! - Wear Crazy Socks
Thursday - Team Up Against Drugs - Wear favorite team jersey
Friday - We Would Rather Read than Do Drugs! - Storybook Character Dress Up
Bransford Elementary School 
“It’s O-fish-al:  I Pledge To Be Drug Free!”
Monday- Kindergarten Choice - Super Heroes "We Have the Power to Stay Drug Free!"
Tuesday-Mix it Up:  Wear mixed up clothes and mix it up at lunch sitting by someone new!  "Drugs and I Don't Mix!"
Wednesday-Silly Socks "Sock It to Drugs!"
Thursday-Hats "Put a Cap on Drugs!"
Friday-2nd Grade Choice-Crazy Hair and Team/Spirit Shirt "Drugs are Crazy!"  "Our Team is Drug Free!"
Colleyville Elementary School 
“We Love our Drug Free Selfie”
Monday - Wear Red to Support Red Ribbon Week and take a Selfie.  Red Ribbons will be given to wear all week.  Use your I-pad to snap a Selfie of yourself and your friends wearing red!
Tuesday - Mix It Up at Lunch to Make New Drug-Free Friends. Wear Mixed-up or miss-matched clothes and sit with a new friend at lunch.
Wednesday - I ‘mustache’ you not to use drugs. Wear your favorite mustache! Students will receive pencils.
Thursday - Follow Your Dreams, not Drugs! Wear PJ’s and slippers.
Friday - Team Up Against Drugs!!! Wear your favorite team shirt and hat/cap.  
Dove Elementary School 
Monday- Wear red to kick of Red Ribbon Week
Tuesday- "Put a Cap on Drugs"- Wear a CrAzY Hat
Wednesday- "Sock it to Drugs"- Wear SILLY socks
Thursday- "DES is Future-Focused"- Dress for your future career
Friday- "Proud to be Drug Free"- Wear Dove University Shirt
Glenhope Elementary School 
“United We Stand”
Monday – Team up against drugs and bullying: Wear your favorite team’s jersey or shirt.
Tuesday – Sock it to Drugs: Wear crazy socks
Wednesday – Mix it Up Day: Wear mis-matched clothes
Thursday – Lights Out on Drugs and Bullying: Wear pajama pants and sunglasses
Friday – Be a HERO and stand up to bullying: wear a super hero or community hero (police, fire, etc…) shirt
Grapevine Elementary School 
Monday - “Saying No Keeps Me Comfy!”-Wear pajamas
Tuesday - “Drugs and I Don’t Mix!”-Wear mixed and matched clothing to join all of GCISD by mixing it up at lunch by sitting with someone new
Wednesday - “Pink Out Day”-Wear pink with all of GCISD to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness
Thursday - “Say ‘Howdy’ to a Drug Free Life!”-Wear your western wear
Friday - “Have you RED a good book lately?”-Wear red clothing or dress as a book character of your choosing
Heritage Elementary School 
“Life is Sweeter Drug Free”
Monday  -  Smarties Don't Do Drugs:  Wear your favorite college shirt
Tuesday  -  Put Drugs to Sleep:  Wear pajamas and slippers
Wednesday  -  Red-Y to be Drug Free:  Wear red from head to toe
Thursday  -  My Future is Bright: Wear sunglasses
Friday  -  Put a Cap on Drugs: Wear your favorite cap
OC Taylor Elementary School 
“OC Taylor Tigers Have SWAG: Students Who Achieve Goals!”
Monday - “RED-Y to Live a Drug Free Life!”: Wear Red
Tuesday - “Don’t Let Drugs Mix You Up”: Wear mismatched clothes and “Mix It Up” at lunch
Wednesday - “Put Drugs to Sleep!”: Wear pajamas
Thursday - “These PAWS Don’t Touch Drugs”: Wear an O.C. Taylor Tiger shirt or something with PAWS!
Friday - “Our School Has SWAG – Students Who Achieve Goals”: Wear uniform/clothing that shows their college/future career/sports/activities. 
Silver Lake Elementary School
“Our Future Matters!”
Monday – “Our Future is Bright!” - Wear Neon Colors & Sunglasses!
Tuesday – “Dreaming About Our Future!” – Wear Pajamas!
Wednesday – “Shooting Stars Have Goals!” – Wear your Favorite Team Jersey or PINK to honor Breast Cancer Awareness!
Thursday – “We’re Focused on our Future!” – Dress up for your Future Career!
Friday – “A Healthy Me is Drug Free… For Life!” – Wear Red from Head to Toe!
Timberline Elementary School
Monday - Love Yourself, Drug Free!- Wear red and/or hearts to show you love your body.
Tuesday - Living Drug Free, Is No Sweat! -Wear a sweat suit to school.
Wednesday - Be MARVEL-Us, Shield Yourself from DRUGS!- Wear red, white and Blue to be a hero like Captain America.
Thursday - Band together against Drugs! – Wear red bandannas, with a white shirt and jeans.
Friday - Show Your Character, Don’t Do Drugs! - Dress up like your favorite storybook character.
Colleyville Middle School
“CMS Scares Drugs Away!”
Monday - Pajama Day: “Don’t be crazy, drugs make you lazy.” Wear your pajamas to school!
Tuesday - Decade Day: “Drugs are Old School” Dress up in your favorite decade!
Wednesday - Twin Day: “Drugs are not a good pair with your life!” Pair up with a friend and dress like twins.
Thursday - Boo Day: “Scare drugs out of your life!” Halloween dress up day. Dress code will be strictly enforced. No face masks, face paint, hair color. No toys that portray ANY type of weapon.
Friday - BLACK OUT Day: Dress in all black for our Black Out Pep Rally.
Cross Timbers Middle School
“Drugs are not our Destination, College is!”
Monday - Don't get lost in the jungle of drugs! Safari, Camo and Animal print theme day
Tuesday - Tacky Tourist Tuesday - wear clothing from your favorite destination & or dress like a tacky tourist
Wednesday - Don't let drugs ruin your dreams - Pajama Day
Thursday - Where will your destination take you? - Dress for your future career. 
Friday - Be a good sport and play drug free- Show your school pride and wear your favorite college gear - jerseys, t-shirts, caps, socks, etc!
Grapevine Middle School
“Scare Away Drugs”
Monday - “America Monday” dress in the most red white and blue - "Red, White and Blue, Drugs aren’t for you”
Tuesday - “Put a cap on drugs.” Wear a hat
Wednesday - “Don’t be tacky and do drugs.” Dress up as tacky tourists.
Thursday - “Drugs are a nightmare.” Wear your pj’s to school. PJ bottoms only and no slippers
Friday - “Scare away drugs.” Wear your Halloween costume to school. 
Heritage Middle School 
Monday - Pajama Day “Don’t Let Drugs Steal Your Dreams.”   
Tuesday - Mix-N-Match Day “You and Drugs Don’t Match” 
Wednesday - Red Day “On Wednesdays We Wear Red because We’re Drug-Free”
Thursday - Throwback Day “DisGO Away From Drugs”
Friday - Halloween Costume Day “Drugs Are Spooky” (Prizes!!)
iUniversity Prep
Monday - Listen to your Mummy – don’t get wrapped up in drugs – Dress as a Mummy
Tuesday – Put a cap on your drugs – Wear your favorite Hat
Wednesday – Owls are too bright for Drugs – Wear sunglasses
Thursday - Team up Against Drugs – wear your sport/dance/club attire or your favorite team jersey
Friday - School Pride – wear a school shirt or orange or purple
Collegiate Academy
Monday - We are too smart for drugs. 
Tuesday - Twin Day- Team up against drugs.  
Wednesday - Super Hero Day- Power Up against Drugs
Thursday - Costume Day- Scare away Drugs
Friday - Pajama Day- Don't let drugs ruin your dreams. 
Monday - Team Up Against Drugs! (Jersey Day)
Tuesday - Put Drugs to Sleep (Pajama Day)
Wednesday - Put a Cap On Drugs (Crazy Hat Day) & Pink Out to Fight Breast Cancer! (Wear Pink)
Thursday - Red Out Against Drugs! (Wear Red)
Friday - Scare Away Drugs (Costume Day)