FAQ for Pre-Kindergarten


Why is GCISD investigating the feasibility of a tuition-based Pre-Kindergarten program?
Over the past 5 years, GCISD has used the strategic plan, LEAD 2021, to determine how as a district we can redefine education for students. As part of LEAD 2021, it states that GCISD will create structures at all levels that maximize the potential of all students through rigorous curriculum and instruction. It is the belief of GCISD, that a commitment to early childhood education is critical in strengthening the foundation for future successes of our students. By expanding the Pre-Kindergarten program in GCISD, this would allow students to begin working with highly qualified educators prior to their fifth-birthday.
Will this program begin in August 2016?
GCISD will begin its tuition-based Pre-Kindergarten program in August 2016, provided there is enough interest from families. The level of interest will be determined based on how many applications are received during the designated window for the Special Programs Lottery.  
What is the cost associated with GCISD tuition-based Pre-Kindergarten?
Tuition will be collected August through May at the rate of $600 per month. Additionally, the district will require families to pay a $125 supply/activity fee and a $125 registration fee - both of which are non-refundable. These fees will only be collected if the district determines the minimum student enrollment is met to support the program.
How does the lottery process work?
Last year GCISD held its inaugural Special Programs EXPO, giving families the opportunity to learn about several initiatives taking place across the district at specific campuses. This year, families will also have the opportunity to learn about the tuition-based Pre-Kindergarten program at the EXPO, on February 16, 2016 at Cross Timbers Middle School. If interested in the program, families must fill out an application, which will be available online beginning on February 17, 2016 and applications for all programs are due by March 25, 2016. Once program administrators have reviewed the number of applications received for the tuition-based Pre-Kindergarten program, the district will determine how many sections, and at what campuses, are needed. If there is more interest than space permits, the district will include tuition-based Pre-Kindergarten as part of the special programs lottery on April 1, 2016. All applicants will be notified of the program status by the end of April.
If my child attends tuition-based Pre-Kindergarten at another elementary school than we are zoned, does this mean they can attend Kindergarten at that campus?
Attending Pre-Kindergarten at a campus other than the zoned elementary school does not automatically result in the student attending the Pre-Kindergarten campus for future grades. Parents must complete a transfer request during designated times if interested in attending a campus other than the one they are zoned. Approval of campus transfers must meet the criteria established in board policy.  
Will extended care services be available for Pre-Kindergarten students?
GCISD offers extended care services for elementary students through the KidzU program. The decision to include tuition-based Pre-Kindergarten students in extended care services will be dependent on program interest level and capacity.
Is transportation provided for Pre-Kindergarten students?
No. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from the designated campus for the Pre-Kindergarten program.