“Thank a Teacher Day” at Colleyville Middle School


Mayor for a day Friday, January 8 will be “Thank a Teacher Day” at Colleyville Middle School, thanks to a proclamation issued by Coleman Elam, a sixth-grader at CMS.


Coleman issued the proclamation after winning the City of Colleyville’s Mayor for a Day contest. The contest, which requires all participants to write an essay, was open to all Colleyville residences in second through seventh-grade. There were 83 essays submitted, with Coleman’s being chosen as the winner.


Coleman acted as mayor on Tuesday, January 5. As mayor, he was able to tour the city department, help operate machinery at a city construction site, ride along with the police, and co-preside a city council meeting with Colleyville Mayor Kelly.  It was at the city council meeting where Coleman issued the proclamation for “Thank a Teacher Day”.


The proclamation reads:




City of Colleyville, Texas 


Whereas, I, Coleman Elam, submitted the winning essay in the 2015 City of Colleyville "Mayor for a Day" contest; and


Whereas, being a student at Colleyville Middle School, I recognize the great contribution of our teachers in the education process; and


Whereas, teachers at Colleyville Middle School consistently display the highest standards of the education system; and


Whereas, teachers play a tremendous role in shaping the future of all generations. 


Now, therefore, I, Coleman Elam, Mayor for a Day of the city of Colleyville, Texas, do hereby proclaim Friday, January 8, 2016 




and encourage all students to express appreciation to our teachers for their efforts by writing them a note, taking a moment to say thanks, or any expression of appreciation for their valuable efforts.  


In witness whereof, I do hereby set my hand and seal of the City of Colleyville, Texas, affixed this 5th day of January 2016.  


GCISD encourages all students, parents and community member to thank a teacher tomorrow!