GCISD Staff Helps Cut Energy Costs

3 Tiered Approach Efforts to conserve energy in the Grapevine-Colleyville ISD are paying off. For the past four years, the district has implemented a three-phase approach to cutting energy costs. It started with the 2011 Bond Program, which replaced older equipment with more energy-efficient fixtures. Next, GCISD partnered with a company to purchase electricity at a much lower rate. These phases resulted in $1.5 million dollars in reduced overall utility costs from the 2010-2011 school year to the 2014-2015 school year. The third phase focuses on developing new habits to conserve energy.
Since January of this year, GCISD has been implementing a rigorous energy savings program with the help of Cenergistic, a company specializing in organizational behavior- based energy conservation for school systems, higher education, large churches and healthcare organizations.
The goal was simple, yet challenging: Dramatically reduce energy consumption and therefore reduce the cost of utilities without affecting the comfort of classrooms or educational goals. At the December 14th GCISD board meeting, the district announced staff members have helped save an additional $170,774 in energy costs.
GCISD has built a customized and sustainable energy conservation program that reduces consumption of electricity, natural gas and water through changes in organizational and human behavior. Cenergistic’s conservation experts are working closely with personnel to audit buildings for most efficient operation and to train personnel to control energy use wherever possible.
”This program has led to a change in our culture and how we view energy consumption,” said Dr. Robin Ryan, GCISD Superintendent. “Our success is directly attributable to each and every member of our staff working as change agents, ensuring we use our resources responsibly.”