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  • Congratulations! On behalf of CTMS’ PTA, we would like to congratulate your student on their outstanding job interpreting this year’s PTA Reflection’s themeWithin Reach. We are so proud of our students!

    We are happy to announce that the following students will be awarded a Visual Arts , Award of Excellence for the Middle School level and will represent CTMS at the Council level.

    PTA Reflections Winners


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  • Daniela Barbaro

    On November 29th the Grapevine Rotary Club awarded our Wolf science teacher, Daniela Barbaro, The Paul Harris Fellow recognition. Ms. Barbaro is in good company with other awardees, including U.S. President Jimmy Carter and U.S. astronaut James Lovell.  Congratulations, Ms. Barbaro!


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  • family


    The November/December newsletter, The Parental & Family Engagement CONNECTION, is available in English and Spanish.

    This edition of the newsletter includes articles about Tips for Coping with Stress at the HolidaysGetting Involved in Community Service, Exercise and Nutrition, A Busy Parent’s Checklist, Getting Involved in Your Child’s School.


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  • Veterans Day This morning, the Cross Timbers Wolves honored some veterans in our community through a program and reception. The band played, the choir sang, and the Student Council hosted the reception; it was truly inspiring to see the interactions between our students and veterans. Here at Cross Timbers we have two veterans, Dave Arena and Officer Eric Huski. Thank you both, so much, for your service to our country and for all you do for our students.


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  • We Need Your Help In Keeping Your Kids Safe! (Technology Monitoring/ Discussions)
    Unfortunately, we live in a time and a society that’s witness to violence and petty hostility almost on a daily basis. It’s sad and sickening at the same time how many have become numb to the effect that their words and actions have on others. When we couple society’s current state, as just described, with the ever growing influence of social media then we’re confronted with one of the biggest adolescent problems today: the use of violent statements. The issue arises when violent statements are thrown around as common conversation or as what is perceived as a joke. I assure you that the possible outcomes of saying things like “kill yourself” and “I’ll kill you” are far from a laughing matter. These are the furthest thing from a joke and they will not be tolerated at Cross Timbers Middle School! We must be vigilant in monitoring our children’s technology use because these types of statements (kill yourself is abbreviated to simply KYS when typed) along with other forms of cyberbullying happen on a regular basis, no matter where you live. Adolescents are at an age where they’re trying to figure out their place in society, and when these comments are directed at them it tells them their place in society isn’t valued. This can be devastating and sometimes leads to severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Although the occurrences of suicide is small, it still happens and must be eradicated. As mentioned before, violent statements will not be tolerated at CTMS. We need your help to educate your children about how to interact with others in society acceptingly and caringly. There’s already too much ugliness and depression in the world; our generation must be the one to end the cycle of acceptance for violent statements.


    David’s Law- Bullying Update- Effective -September 1, 2017
    This summer, the state has passed a new bill in regards to bullying which went into effect September 1, 2017. The major change from the previous legislation is that it now covers cyber bullying, and the definition of bullying has expanded to include even one instance of aggression toward another person. Much of this redefined bullying legislation affects us as educators and how we identify, prevent, and handle occurrences of bullying.
    Please educate yourselves on this law and the changes from the original definition of the word. It is important to visit and or reiterate with your student the importance of not posting hurtful things about people, as this can become a disciplinary issue at school as well as a legal problem if it’s serious enough. Below is a link that highlights the changes to the Texas Education Code that is now State Bill 179 “David’s Law”.

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  • Want to see what the Wolves are all about? Click on the video link below!

    CTMS Showcase


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  • robot

    CTMS FLL Robotics Teams
    *** SECOND ROUND OF FLL TEAM APPLICATIONS!  Apply NOW! Starts 8/28, All NEW Applicants due by 9/9/2107!*****
    If you applied and did not make it during our 1st Round of FLL Team Applications last Spring, it's not too late to possibly join our teams!  You have a 2 week window to reapply for 2-3 open slots on this year's teams.  Coach Dunn will be accepting Applications to join this year's team from 8/28-9/8/17.  Those wishing to apply, need to download the CTMS FLL Team Application from the link below, or obtain a copy from the table outside Mr. Dunn's class D5, get TWO Teacher Recommendations submitted and turn ALL parts of the Application in to Mr. Dunn by 4 p.m. Friday, September 8, 2017 in order to be considered.  Any new members will be announced on Mon. 9/8 and will begin practicing with current team members during Wolf Time daily and on Wed. 9/10 from 3:30-5 p.m.after school.  If you have additional questions about CTMS FLL Robotics Teams, please contact Mr. Dunn:  
    Information about CTMS FLL Robotics Program from Parent Meeting Spring 2017  (includes information about CTMS FLL Booster Club!)

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  • school bus
    Parents, we have provided the district link for questions pertaining to bus services. For more information please visit the following link.

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  • Summer Tech Issues


    Parents, if your student needs to put in a request for a laptop repair, please have your student go to and submit a "new support incident". This will expedite the repair process upon returning to school.



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    Returning Students (GCISD Students)
    August 7, 2017 - 7:30 am - 11:00 am   &  1:00 pm - 6:00 pm (New Date)
    August 10, 2017  1:00 pm -  4:00 pm
    This registration and schedule pick-up will take place at Cross Timber Middle School in the SAC.
    Open Registration for ALL New and Returning students
    August 17, 2017- 9:00-12:00  and 2:00pm to 4:00pm
    This will happen in the Counseling Office Suite
    Wolf Camp Training  
    To Be Announced. Tentatively-  August 9 - 11 to 12 pm in the Library
    Wolf Camp
    August 10 - 9-12
    Reception in the SAC @ 9am
    Parent Meeting (New Parents to CTMS)
    August 10 - 10:00 am -11:00 am in the Library

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    Wolves Howling

     Click to hear some of our 7th and 8th graders recite the pledge on 99.5 The Wolf!



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  • First CTMS Podcast



    Click the image above to listen to our episode on Spreaker.

    You can also listen, subscribe, and download episodes on iTunes. Just search for "LEAD GCISD Students"!




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  • Curious about CTMS History?

    Hear from a few teachers who have been at CTMS

    since it first opened its doors!




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