Team Effort & Positive Relationships

Posted by Communication Services on 3/10/2017

These past two weeks have been wonderful for me as Superintendent of GCISD. I have had the privilege of observing some of our eleventh-grade students interact with WWII veterans for three days as part of the Gary Sinise Foundation Program: Soaring Valor. It was a beautiful example of the youngest generation learning from the Greatest Generation. I also have witnessed championship athletic performances at a middle school track meet, and I have been in classrooms with teachers who are clearly experts and pour their hearts out for our students and their families.


So when I received this email, it seemed to sum up nicely what I feel about GCISD and about public education. I changed the name, but it is the sentiment that is important.


I am a teacher in GCISD, but tonight I am writing as a parent.


My son is in second grade. Last year we had a technologist who worked at our school for about a year. The teachers all loved her but I didn't realize the difference she made in the lives of the students until tonight.


My son was on the phone with his grandma helping her with an iPad question. At the end, my mom told my son, "you're always so nice to help me with my technology." To which my 8 year old replied, "yes, I'm the family's Ms. Ramirez."


Taken aback, I asked my son about it. He told me that Ms. Ramirez was the best and that he misses her. He told me that she remembered his name and always told him “Hi”. He told me that she was always helpful and always smiled at everyone.


I believe that GCISD is known for its excellence in building relationships with students. Tonight it proved true. Even staff considered to be "behind the scenes" inspire students.  Ms. Ramirez's kind heart is still making a difference. As a parent, I am proud that my son attends school at such a wonderful place.


I just wanted to relay a story about an exemplary employee.


After reading this email, I remember thinking: “Yes - this sums up our work and what I get to witness all across our district every day.” This work is impressive and sometimes exhausting, and I know that Spring Break comes at just the right time in the semester.

I hope you travel safely, get some rest and return recharged for the remainder of the school year.

I am so proud to work with each employee of GCISD. It’s the team effort and positive relationships that make GCISD the BEST!



Dr. Robin Ryan
Dr. Robin Ryan
GCISD Superintendent of Schools
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