A Close-knit Family

Posted by Communication Services on 3/31/2017

The season after spring break seems to be moving at warp speed this year. I suppose it feels this way every year, and when you combine springtime storms with student testing, well...it is just icing on the cake.


For me, when things seem to be moving too fast, it is easy to get caught up in the stress of it all. When I feel this happening, I try to take a deep breath and spend some time thinking and reflecting. Lately, I have been thinking about all we have accomplished in GCISD in the short few years since LEAD 2021 was developed. Just as important, I also have been thinking about the incredibly positive culture we enjoy in GCISD, even in the face of limited resources


This week, I received a note from a colleague who is retiring after serving students and families for 39 years in public education. (What an incredible legacy!) The note said, “Having completed my years in GCISD, I have been a part of the most robust, innovative organization in my career. We have a team that acts different, acts like a close-knit family and embodies the principles of servant leadership. I believe GCISD is truly redefining education and I am proud to be a part of it!”


Wow! I was so honored by these words because they speak to the work of everyone in our organization, from the first year teacher to the folks with 40 years experience. So, in this crazy season, if you see a colleague who seems to be a bit stressed, I hope you will continue to be a close-knit family by doing something for them that might help them feel a bit better. It takes all of us taking care of each other to truly Build Excellent Schools Together!



Dr. Robin Ryan
Dr. Robin Ryan
GCISD Superintendent of Schools
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