Dove Fifth Graders Raise Money for LIMBS International

Dove Fifth Graders Raise Money for LIMBS International 

Dove Elementary fifth-graders have put being a global citizen into action this year. The students have partnered with LIMBS International, an organization that creates low cost, high-quality artificial limbs for amputees in developing countries.

“We heard about LIMBS at a training the fifth grade teachers went to this summer,” said Shauna Hunter, a teacher at Dove. “The organization really touched our hearts, and we wanted to involve our students. We showed them a video and spoke about it, and the kids took it from there.”

The fifth-graders decided they wanted to help LIMBS by raising money to sponsor limbs for amputees. They wanted to have a community outreach campaign, as well as promoting the cause at their own school.

“The students split into groups and spread out the campaign work,” said assistant principal, Jamie Torres. “Some students organized community and school fundraising, while others worked on communication efforts by creating videos, tweets and news articles to let the community know about LIMBS.”

The fifth-grade teachers encouraged students to take the lead on this project, and we very proud with how their students responded.

“We strive so hard to have student driven learning, and it can be really hard to achieve,” said Hunter. “With this project, it’s been so nice to watch the students take initiative on everything that goes in with it, and be so passionate about it.”

Students had bake sales at PTA events, sold t-shirts, hosted a campus-wide penny drop, and set up opportunities for individuals in the community to donate online.

Their efforts concluded with a visit from LIMBS International’s Executive Director Trevor Bergman, who thought he was there to do a presentation on the organization. He ended up being surprised by the fifth graders, who presented their fundraising efforts, complete with a short documentary. The grade presented him with a giant check, in the amount of $2,420, which will be used to create eight artificial legs.

“You all are rockstars,” Bergman told the students. “We’ve worked with a lot of schools, but we’ve never had a response like this before. Thank you.”

Bergman is hoping to come back to Dove by the end of the year to let the class know who directly their donations have helped.

“I really liked this experience,” said fifth-grade Easton Hockenjos. “I think it was really cool to be able to help people, and be excited about helping them.”