GCISD Destination Imagination teams advance to Global Finals

 DI Global GHS
 Bear Creek Global DI  
ABOVE - Bear Creek DI Team 
Students from Grapevine High School and Bear Creek Elementary School will represent their schools and GCISD in the Global Finals of the Destination Imagination competition. This is Bear Creek's first year to advance to this level of competition. Global Finals will be held at The University of Tennessee at Knoxville, May 23-28, 2016.
The GHS team of “And Then There Were Four” earned a 5th place spot in the Texas Affiliate Tournament. Team members include Margaret Wirick, Andy Wilding, Amy Gary and Cassidy Johnson, along with Team Manager Stacy Wirick. Their challenge - Get A Clue.
The Bear Creek “The Mindbenders” earned a 5th place tie in the Texas Affiliate Tournament. Team members include Paul Bilgere, Charley Roennau, Ava Fisher, Ben Ding, Ryan Bally and Nancy Laison, along with Team Manager Mark Bilgere. Their challenge was also Get A Clue, which is the Fine Arts challenge. For this challenge, students needed to:
  • Present a mystery story set on Earth in a team-chosen time period before 1990.
  • Discover, live on stage, which of the three suspect characters is responsible for the mystery.
  • Include a TechniClue that helps solve the mystery.
  • Present in the style of traverse staging.
  • Create and present two Team Choice Elements that show off the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength, and talents.
Seven GCISD teams participated in the Affiliate Tournament gave outstanding performances in Anna, Texas. 
The Global Finals is attended by over 8,000 students, 17,000 spectators, 1,400 teams, 400 volunteers from 15 countries. Learn more at www.globalfinals.org/event-info/about/